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You are a king in this battle for survival. Other nation’s kings want the same land but there can only be one true victor! Do you have what it takes to lead the troops into battle and become victorious?
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Ancient battle mod apk – Ancient Battle is a strategy game mixed with action, similar to IO games and with isometric graphics. Players will travel to a medieval world filled with battles between warring armies. Taking control of one of these forces, the commander will attack enemy units, move around the map, and try to achieve victory. To effectively counteract the enemy forces, the player can recruit more skilled soldiers and upgrade the existing soldiers to max performance.

Application Overview

App NameAncient Battle MOD APK
App PriceFree
System RequiredAndroid
Update3 Days Ago
PublisherGoogle playstore


In Ancient Battle, you will play the role of a king who survived a defeat. Use your experiences and strategies to rebuild your country. The war takes place in ancient times when there will also be kings who are trying to build and expand their country’s border. This war will be fierce because all kings will fight for the same land. Only one person can win, so do your best and show your full strength to become the KingKing who receives this infinite worship and glory.

Ancient world

To conquer the ancient world, you must first build a strong army. In Ancient battles, you could do this by fighting your enemies in real time and upgrading your skills and troops. You will also need to collect a lot of magic, which will help you be more advantageous when conquering the ancient world.

Attractive gameplay

Ancient Battle is a strategy game that is simple but addictive, and it has gameplay and a storyline that are closely linked. It is attractive to players because it is not too noisy or complicated, making players focus entirely on the game.

Upgradation feature

According to the saying, win to be KingKing, lose to the soldier, so are the Ancient Battle game rules. In addition to running to find and awaken soldiers on the road and then gathering into your army, fighting to conquer other armies is also a unique strategy. When you are strong enough to fight and take down the enemy’s army, that army will join your army and become even more powerful. Therefore, calculate correctly so you will be sure of your victory; otherwise, you know the results are incredibly pathetic.

Play and experience

It has beautiful and detailed graphics, smooth in-game movement, and true-to-life sound, making a great impression on all players. Many great features are waiting for you to explore and test in the game. Download this extreme strategy game to your device to try the feeling of leadership and navigating a mighty army.

Unlimited gold and life

The MOD version of Ancient Battle provides all the cracking services you need, unlimited gold coins, diamonds and other { currencies, unlocking all skins, characters, props, and levels. You can enjoy the best krypton gold experience without spending any penny with Ancient Battle 4.0.3 Mod APK.

Amazing graphics

Heed the call to arms and joined in on the Battle! From the troops to the land to the houses – this is a unique and beautiful PVP experience that’ll transport you to another world. Keep an eye on how you compare to players across the globe – do you have what it takes to be number one? Regular updates in new content and battle passes will help keep things fresh, so you never get bored.

Winning is easy

At the beginning of the game Ancient Battle, you will choose your soldiers and study the maps to find targets and plan your strategy. You can also earn more soldiers by winning other troops and taking soldiers from them. The game has miniature maps to help you easily observe and find targets. It also enables you to avoid entering dangerous misty areas. Finally, you move to the enemy’s side and stop to attack.

Different types of reward

Players love games that give rewards, and Ancient Battle is no different. With many other tips available, it’s no wonder that this game is so popular. There is something for everyone, from gold to soldiers to royal treasure chests. While getting rewards in the game may not be too difficult, the more levels you pass, the more tips you will get. With gold and gems, you can upgrade troops and weapons. You can also use gems to open treasure chests and find items, spells, and magic symbols.

Create your army

The game gives you a diverse character system. There are many types of soldiers, such as archers, spearmen, centaurs, fire fairies, and giant lava men, … Please actively move, and fight a lot to find more soldiers. The game is not limited to the number of soldiers so that you can expand as much as possible. Next, for your army to be strong, you need to upgrade it. After each successful Battle, they used gold and gems and received cards to boost the KingKing and army. Upgraded skills and spells will help you increase your combat power through each level.

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What's new

-NEW ARMY: The Sylvan Elves -Fearsome new troops have joined Ancient Battle! The Sylvan Elves are a brand-new faction with unique spells and runes, plus Owl Mages and Tree Giants! Unlock them starting at Rank 8! -Chests have been rebalanced, ensuring that you get more cards for your currently-selected army.



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