Swamp Attack MOD APK [Unlimited Money/Gems]

Your swamp is under attack! Grab a weapon and defend your home from the invading monsters, like crazed zombie-style monsters, crocodiles, aliens and more!
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Swamp Attack MOD APK – Swamp Attack is a fun and challenging Aktion game where you help your hero get through difficult levels. In the story of Swamp Attack APK, you live in the most remote place around, deep in an evergreen forest. One day, you realize that animals have made up their minds to unite and attack you, a vicious night raid into motion. Don’t back down, though! Keep them at bay with many thrilling levels and are sure to be entertained as you see how excellent your gaming skills are when it comes to mastering the new weapons along the way.

About Swamp Attack APK


This is one of the best applications from other games. It is designed, developed, and Offered By Outfit7 Limited. It has more than 100,000,000+Million Installs with an average rating of 4.5, and the total number of ratings on this Application on the google play store is 25,000,000+ if you want to get the mod version of the apk download from apkact.com.

About Swamp Attack MOD APK

This is the Modified version of the MOD APK which is not from the original developer. This is the Application where you get unlimited resources free of cost. If you want to install the mod version of the apk download now from apkact.com and enjoy the mod features.


The game begins on an ordinary night at the nest. It’s time for our seemingly innocent guard to do his work, well, falling asleep. Don’t underestimate this seemingly-harmless guard just because he doesn’t look like much of a threat – once you get to know him better, you’ll realize there’s nothing quite alive that could trick him.

He knows something’s coming. Films have led him to believe that aliens and horrors may attack him from other worlds or zombies one day. Maybe all at once! And now that the apocalypse is here, with everyone’s attention being taken up by the strange creatures bent on taking over The Swamp, what recourse do he and his son have left? Except to push forward into a new environment and fight them off, eliminate them all in an animalistic frenzy that blankets the land and makes way for the future – one in which their farm will be safe once again.

Unleash potent attacks with various weapons available in your inventory and blast away the invaders. To gain advantages over the enemies, use plenty of boosts and buffs to ensure you get through the incredible challenges we have for you.


Swamp Attack is a very focused game where you have to help a character named Billy to defend his home from an invasion of crocodiles. Billy shoots the crocodiles with a handgun, and it only takes a tap on the screen to do so. The more crocodiles you kill, the more money you earn, and that can be used at the end of each level to take advantage of various upgrades that will help make your attacks stronger! Sometimes, though, one has to carefully consider whether or not it’s worth it because sometimes those guns cost too much rater than upgrading your character’s health.

Swamp Attack lets you experience the fun and enjoyment of being a true hunter. From water to air, what used to be crocodiles will quickly become dragons with wings and top hats. Not only are the weapons upgraded, but so is your arsenal. You start with simple mechanical guns before having an inflatable boat that shoots spikes emerge from it to help you take down your enemies! There are over 300 levels with 8 different chapters for you to explore in this adventurous hunting game – bringing hours of fun for you and your friends who love shooting games as much as you do.

With 35 different creatures with various special powers, those who approach you for close-range attacks can hurt you and those who attack from a distance. When these faraway baddies appear, we recommend focusing your attention on killing off the nearby monsters with ranged attacks before they have a chance to take your health down. At certain levels, you will discover vials with the power to heal and restore your energy when killing off the critters.

Features of Swamp Attack MOD APK

Amazing Weapon System

The choice of swamp attack hack version weapons, in the beginning, is limited because you start with only one weapon, and then through the game, you gradually unlock various others. There are a lot of weapons you can open by going up in experience, including shotguns, sniper rifles, and more powerful ones. Auxiliary weapons attack your enemies by dragging them into your gun and shooting away! After having unlocked some special weapons like explosives or even acid rain, nothing will stand in your way of taking down an enemy team or invader.

Multiplayer Modes

Multiplayer games allow you to interact with other players worldwide, making them so much fun. But one of the most challenging aspects of any significant multiplayer game is coming across people who are not interested in playing fair. There are a lot of hackers out there who spend their time trying to trick the systems into giving them free items or coins, and we want to tell you that it isn’t going to help you get anywhere in your adventure! The fastest way to run into problems is by taking the easy road, so we recommend using your hard-earned money to upgrade your weapons, buy additional weapons, and upgrade defense equipment such as protective shields.


Swamp Attack has unique graphics and level design compared to cartoons or similar games despite looking like a typical side-scroll shooter. Your view is directed toward the swamp monster’s attacks and movements, giving you the notion that you’re playing as the monster rather than a human trying to defeat it. The background behind your character is always an image of a house that doesn’t change throughout game play on level 1; nevertheless, once players move onto higher levels, they begin to see other homes behind their view, which turn out to be damaged and stained with monster blood. So we can conclude that maybe there was a human who attempted to defeat the creature before our own Swamp Attack experience?

Play With Friends

With more than 40 challenging, unique, and fun-filled levels and an easy-to-use downloadable interface, Swarm Attack has been developed for gamers who enjoy the excitement of battling online with friends and other fellow players worldwide! This riveting co-op multiplayer shooter will leave you wanting more as you join your friends to defeat the evil invaders and protect the planet from being taken over by an evil alien corporation.

And if you prefer, you can always continue to compete against your enemies in the Leaderboards. This is fun and exciting, but it also offers players a great sense of challenge and accomplishment because most want to be recognized for their talents, and that’s where these leaderboards prove their worth! Win against your enemies to climb on top and earn your special rewards. Furthermore, because it is all online-based play, opponents from across the world can match up together, making for an even bigger thrill, especially if playing with someone you have a friendly rivalry with or know personally. It’s also a great chance to brag with friends about your impressive progress.

Kostenlos spielen

Download Swamp Attack on the Google Play Store, and you can play without paying anything! There are many reasons one may want to try this game; everything from helping plan a war strategy for someone to using it as a means to release some anger.

Sound & Music

And together with the immersive and incredibly realistic sound effects, Swamp Attack introduces Android gamers to the fun and addictive shooter gameplay that they won’t find on many other mediocre games. With its exhilarating audio experiences, you’ll be completely hooked on the action-packed gameplay as you progress through each level.

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  • Unbegrenztes Geld und Edelsteine
  • Kostenlos herunterladen und installieren
  • Alle Versionen freigeschaltet
  • Alle Anzeigen entfernen
  • Alles freigeschaltet
  • Sie müssen Ihre Geräte nicht rooten
  • Unbegrenzt alles


  • WLAN und Netzwerke
  • Standort: Wir benötigen diese Berechtigung, um Ihren Standort zu erkennen und regionsspezifische Inhalte bereitzustellen.Vibrationskontrolle
  • Mikrofon
  • Audio: Audioeinstellungen ändern
  • Bluetooth

Vorteile vs. Nachteile


  • Keine Kosten
  • Sicher
  • Offline- und Online-Modus
  • Millionen von Downloads
  • Einfach zu spielen


  • Schwere Fil-Größe
  • Hängend
  • Sehr süchtig
  • In-App Käufe

Swamp Attack unlocked all levels

Laden Sie die neueste Version der Mod-APK von apkact.com herunter. Der Link ist unten angegeben.


I’d say download this. It is a fantastic and unique game that takes me back to the good old days when life was straightforward. I especially enjoy being able to shoot swamp monsters from my rocking chair. And the guns are pretty awesome! Although I think it would be boring if you don’t purchase anything, there are more levels to unlock, and that’s enough reason for me to keep playing. Also, I didn’t encounter a single bug while playing the game, which is rare because most fun on the App Store usually has several bugs.

I love this game! I completed the primary levels, but I still have more levels to go. I think the challenges are a brilliant idea; I’m hoping for more of those in the future. My favorite levels are the alien ones. I enjoyed unwrapping presents and using my extra hint; it helped a lot. Playing games like this is suitable for kids because you can use your mind to solve problems without physical interaction (e.g., my cat used to get into things, so frustrating!).

This game cracks me up! I live in the south, and there are similarities between some people who live here and others who travel through the country. The one thing that I don’t quite get is why the game’s main character doesn’t have any facial features other than hair, eyes, ears, etc. She has fully detailed arms, but her body lacks something. Perhaps there would be a disappointment if some wanted to play a girl at this game because it may be confusing if they’re male playing a female, but then they realize they don’t have upper body features like hands or something except for fit into her shirt’s sleeves. So yeah, I’m good at thinking up dumb stuff.

How to Download Swamp Attack MOD APK

  • Klicken Sie zuerst auf die angegebene „Download“-Schaltfläche oben und unten auf der Seite
  • Sie gehen zum nächsten Link Link auf dem angegebenen Link
  • Download Swamp Attack MOD APK from the given Link
  • Swamp Attack MOD APK download and store successfully on your device.

How to Install Swamp Attack MOD APK

  • If you have a Swamp Attack MOD APK old version, uninstall the old one and then install the Swamp Attack MOD APK latest version.
  • Wenn das Herunterladen des Mod-Apk-Spiels abgeschlossen ist, öffnen Sie die Einstellungsregisterkarte auf Ihrem Telefon.
  • Gehen Sie zu Telefoneinstellungen >>> Registerkarte Sicherheit >>> Gehen Sie zu Unbekannte Ressourcen >>> Überprüfen Sie es und schalten Sie es ein. Sie können es auch deaktivieren, um es vor anderen Ressourcen zu schützen.
  • Sie müssen sicherstellen, dass auf Ihrem Gerät oder Mobiltelefon genügend Speicherplatz vorhanden ist, um das Spiel zu installieren.
  • Klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche „Installieren“ und warten Sie eine Sekunde auf die Installation.
  • Jetzt ist mod apk erfolgreich auf Ihrem Gerät installiert.
  • Öffnen Sie die Datei und genießen Sie die unbegrenzten Ressourcen.

Requirements for Swamp Attack MOD APK

SSwamp Attack For Android

  • Mindestens Android 4.4 oder höhere Version erforderlich
  • Für die Installation auf Android-Geräten sind mindestens 4 GB RAM erforderlich
  • Benötigen Sie eine gute Internetverbindung

Swamp Attack For PC

  • Laden Sie die APK von unserer Website herunter.
  • Laden Sie den Emulator namens „Bluestack“ auf Ihr Gerät herunter und installieren Sie ihn.
  • Öffnen Sie nach der Installation des Emulators auf Ihrem Gerät oder PC die Anwendung.
  • Öffnen Sie die APK im Emulator, starten Sie das Spiel und genießen Sie es.

Häufig gestellte Fragen?

Is Swamp Attack mod apk safe to play?

Ja, Sie können die kostenlose Version sicher spielen und die Premium-Version kaufen, die ebenfalls sicher ist. Aber die modifizierte apk ist nicht 100%-sicher, da sie von jemand anderem erstellt wurde, der nicht vom ursprünglichen Entwickler der apk stammt, also schlage ich vor, dass Sie sich für die Prämie entscheiden und eine gewisse Menge kaufen und sie dann frei verwenden. Wenn Sie jedoch von apkact.com kommen möchten, erhalten Sie die sichere Mod-APK und können spielen und genießen.

Can we Use Swamp Attack mod without an internet connection?

Ja, die Mod-APK erfordert eine gute Internetverbindung von 3G- und 4G-Netzwerken. Sie können das Spiel jedoch problemlos ohne Internetverbindung spielen, wenn Sie über eine gute Internetverbindung verfügen.

How to get Swamp Attack mod apk unlimited money?

In der Originalversion der Anwendung bestehen Sie die Mission. In der modifizierten Version müssen Sie jedoch nicht weiter spielen, da alles freigeschaltet ist und Sie schnell Erfolge erzielen können.

Is the Swamp Attack apk mod is free to Download?

Ja, die Mod-Version der apk ist 100% kostenlos und Sie können sie ohne Probleme herunterladen.

Ist apk offline oder online?

Diese apk ist online und Sie müssen sich mit dem Netzwerk verbinden, um ein gutes Ergebnis zu erzielen.

Bleiben die personenbezogenen Daten sicher?

Ja, das Unternehmen gibt Ihre personenbezogenen Daten nicht an Dritte oder eine andere Plattform weiter. Sie können Ihre Daten jedoch problemlos in der Anwendung verwalten, da Ihre Daten 100%-sicher sind.


Bug fixes and minor gameplay improvements.


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