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Description mod apk: You probably played the famous snake game on your old Nokia phone. It’s a simple game played by many people and allowed the player to grow their snake longer as each thing they ate made their snake’s body segment longer. Evowars is similar to this, but you’re in control of 2 snakes (yours and your opponent) trying to outgrow each other by eating different things on the map. This game is full of strategy and competition – so get ready to battle it out with friends. is a multiplayer game combining elements of a traditional war game and the popular classic snake game. In the world of, you can choose to fight other players or peacefully eat orbs of different colors instead. Each colored sphere gives your snake special abilities. For example, red ones make your snake faster, while yellow ones make you able to jump.

When players consume orbs in this game, they will no longer have to rely on growing taller like in other games, where they reach a set number of meters and then must evolve into the next warrior level. Instead, by consuming orbs, your character will transform into the next level, and you’ll be able to reach great heights.

In addition to consuming orbs to use their power, you can also fight enemies seeking the same orbs and would like nothing more than to take them away from you! Win each stunning battle, and you will evolve, too. You may attack using a variety of deadly moves while changing tactics is also crucial to your success. There are 25 exciting levels in all, and gaining experience on MOD APK lets you reach new heights as a warrior.

Additional Information

App PriceFree
System RequiredAndroid
Update1 Day Ago
Information About GameGoogle Playstore

About APK

This is one of the best applications from other games. It was designed, developed, and offered by TerranDroid. It has more than 10,00,000+ Installs with an average rating of 4.1, and the total number of ratings on this application on the google play store is 100,000+. If you want to get the mod version of the apk, download it from


This is the Modified version of the, not from the original developer. This is the application where you get unlimited resources free of cost. So, for example, if you want to install the mod version of the apk, download it now from and enjoy the mod features.


You can play MOD APK in the same way as because it has the same concept as However, some added features are given to make this game more fun. In this game, you can fight with anyone and increase your size when you eat enough food. You can also upgrade yourself to unlock many exciting things in the game, like new weapons and tactics.

There are two kinds of orbs in the game Heaven’s Arena – Blue Orb and Red Orb. Each ball provides a specific benefit to the player. For example, the blue globe gives absolute power to the player so he can fight with his enemies. Blue Orbs will also allow players to grow stronger and be able to fight better with each level up that they receive. On the other hand, Red Orb players in the game will get the new powers. While blue orbs only allow players to fight at their best, red balls are what players require to overcome the challenges ahead of them, which would otherwise be impossible for them to overcome individually. While blue orbs give you more power and boost your strength, red balls improve your strength by giving you a leg up as well as special forces which if used exclusively throw off your opponent’s timing and put him into a checkmate state.

So in the game, you’re growing not just as a warrior but also as an actual person! As you grow up with this game, you start at level 0 and eventually work your way up to level 25 by passing much more challenging levels. At level 25, you will be a fully-fledged warrior, which means that you are more powerful than ever before and dangerous to those who want to stop you from achieving your goals.

The experience bar serves several functions. First, as you earn XP, the bar is increased, and when it fills up, your level is increased. This allows you to take on more formidable enemies! The other thing you might notice is that as you eat more orbs, the more they help in battle by granting extra lives and crown icons which will boost scoring potential.

evolve your character

The game allows you to revolutionize your character into a better version of itself. As you progress through the story, you will find yourself being able to survive longer and kill more enemies by developing your resources – this means that when you feel like your character can handle it, you will start killing stronger versions of enemies to gain rewards which will make your experience bar go full, and you will thus level up.

Earn XP and Ea Orbs

The primary way of leveling up in our game is by eating orbs. You’ll see them floating above the ground in several locations, or they will occasionally drop down your path. Each sphere adds a small amount to your XP bar, but there are also large orbs that rise and fall from deep below that you can collect if you want a big boost and don’t mind risking the challenge to grab them.

Different Levels

There are 25 different warrior evolution levels that you can get. You will start as a weak and level 0 warrior, but you can improve to a legendary knight after much practice at level 25! Don’t get discouraged! Everyone starts somewhere, depending on how much effort you’re willing to put in.

Fight Against Enemies

In this game, you can earn weapon rewards (swords, hammers, etc.) and eggs that will help you increase your health (HP) and strength live tile. For example, you might lose a heart when your power is low and you run into an enemy on the quest. HP hearts are helpful when it comes to keeping your character alive.

Features of MOD APK

  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Immortals 
  • Unlocked Levels
  • Free to Download and Install
  • Remove All Ads
  • Unlocked Everything
  • No Need to Root Your Devices
  • Unlimited Everything


  • Wifi and Networks
  • Location: We need this permission to detect your location and provide region-specific content.Vibration Control
  • Microphone
  • Audio: Change Audio Settings
  • Bluetooth

Pros Vs. Cons


  • Free of Cost
  • Safe
  • Offline and Online Mode
  • Millions of Downloads
  • Easy to Play


  • Heavy File Size
  • Hanging
  • Highly Addictive
  • In-App Purchases

How to Download MOD APK

  • First of Click on The Given “Download” Button at the Top and Bottom of the Page
  • They Go to the Next Link Link on the given Link
  • Download at the given Link
  • MOD apk Download and store successfully on your device.

How to Install Smule MOD APK

  • If you have MOD APK old version, uninstall the old one and install the MOD APK latest version.
  • When the mod apk game downloading is complete, Open the setting Tab on your phone.
  • Go to phone Settings >>> Security Tab >>> Go to Unknown resources >>> Check it and turn it on. Also, you can turn it off to protect it from other resources.
  • You must ensure that your device or mobile has enough space to install the game.
  • Click on the Install Button and wait for a second for installation.
  • Now, the mod apk is installed successfully on your device.
  • Open the file and Enjoy the Unlimited Resources.

Requirements for MOD APK For Android

  • Minimum Require Android 4.4 or up version
  • At least 4GB Ram Require for Installation on Android Devices
  • Require a Good Internet Connection For PC

  • Download the APK from our website.
  • Download the Emulator Called “Bluestack” on Your Device and Install it.
  • After installing the Emulator on Your Device or PC, open the application.
  • Open the APK in the Emulator, Start the Game, and Enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Without an internet connection, can we use the Mod APK?

Yes, the mod apk requires a Good Internet Connection of 3G and 4G networks. However, you can play the game easily without any internet connection if you have a good internet connection.

How to get the MOD full version?

In the original version of the application, you will pass the mission. Still, in the modded version, you will not need to play furthermore because everything is unlocked, and you can quickly achieve success.

Are the MOD APK Free to Download?

Yes, the mod version of the apk is 100% free, and you can download it without any issues.

Is the apk mod offline or online?

This apk is online, and you need to connect with the network to get a good result.

Will personal data remain safe?

Yes, the company does not share your personal information with a third party or another platform. However, you can easily manage your data in the application because your data are 100% safe.

Conclusion MOD APK, Is one of the best Action application where you get unlimited resources without spending any money on other items. I hope you enjoy this game and article. If you Have any questions regarding this game, feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting

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