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HealthifyMe is a health and fitness app that provides weight loss diet plans and personal trainers. With an easy Google Fit and Samsung Health integration, it keeps you fit on all devices!
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HealthifyMe (Calorie Counter Weight Loss Coach)
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Healthifyme mod apk is a famous dieting app downloaded millions of times by users worldwide. You will be able to maintain your body weight by using this app.

This is a complete trainer for you with many trackers, including Workout Tracker, Weight Loss Tracker, Sleep Tracker, and Calories Tracker. Thus no need to go to the gym! Make your body healthy without going anywhere.

HealthifyMe Premium Apk provides you with video lectures for the best training. These videos include exercises for cutting down belly fat, abs, biceps, arms, chest, shoulder, and quads.

If you are a Yoga lover, you likely already know all about stretching and focused breathing as part of your workout routine. But did you know that Yoga can also help with weight loss and bodybuilding? That’s right! Whether for an overall feeling of wellness or specific fitness goals, now the best fitness tools for blending the two practices in a meal-planner type template are more easily achievable with this yoga app.

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Loss Weight


Losing weight is not easy. It takes control over your diet and disciplined, regular exercise to lose the extra fat you may have around your body. At HealthifyMe wanted to help people who want to lose weight without disturbing their busy daily schedule, so we designed a service that empowers them with all the information they need.

This app helps you lose weight. By tracking your diet and exercise patterns, you can use it to help keep track of progress. It is a handy application that has been designed to provide an easy-to-use interface for making better choices for your overall health.

Calorie Calculator

Now it’s easy to calculate your daily caloric intake using the HealthifyMe app. The built-in Calorie Calculator feature within this app makes it convenient and straightforward when figuring out how many calories one gains from their meals each day. The app has a complete list of foods, so if ever you’re wondering how many calories are in specific foods, you can easily find out just by looking that information up! As aforementioned, since there is a Calorie Calculator within the app, if we input the number of calories gained from food into the said calculator, we can see exactly how many total calories one has an intake daily.

Nutrition Calculator

Now you can keep track of your health with Nutrition Calculator. It helps you identify how much Protein, Fiber, and Carbohydrates you’re getting in any meal. An easy-to-understand chart shows exactly how many grams of each nutrient your dish will provide. Speaking of charts, we have a new one on our blog that tracks the number of calories burned versus what people spend on coffee per day. Check it out.

Weight Loss Suggestions

Get weight loss suggestions from Ria, the AI friend. Use these tips to get healthy and fit. Here you will find different segments: losing weight fast, improving digestion, dieting tips and recipes, foods to eat if you want to lose weight in a week, etc.

Diet Chart

You should know you were dieting chart because of its chemistry. It is supposed to be a complete science. The description of the food items you must take, and those you should forego are given with details of conditions when you can start it.

How to Download

  • Cliquez d'abord sur le bouton "Télécharger" donné en haut et en bas de la page
  • Ils vont au lien suivant Lien sur le lien donné
  • Download healthifyme mod apk from the given Link
  • healthifyme app downloads and stores successfully on your device.

How to Install

  • If you have the mod apk old version, uninstall the old and then install the mod apk latest version.
  • Lorsque le téléchargement du jeu mod apk est terminé, ouvrez l'onglet de configuration sur votre téléphone.
  • Then, go to phone Settings >>> Security Tab >>> Go to Unknown resources >>> Check it and turn it on. Also, you can turn it off to protect it from other resources.
  • Vous devez vous assurer que votre appareil ou mobile dispose de suffisamment d'espace pour installer le jeu.
  • Cliquez sur le bouton Installer et attendez une seconde pour l'installation.
  • Maintenant, le mod apk est installé avec succès sur votre appareil.
  • Ouvrez le fichier et profitez des ressources illimitées.


healthifyme For Andriod

  • Minimum Requiert Andriod 4.5 ou version supérieure
  • Au moins 4 Go de RAM
  • Bonne connexion Internet

healthifyme for pc

  • Download the Emulator “Bluestacks” on your Device
  • Install the Emulator bluestacks.exe file on your computer
  • Launch the Bluestacks app on your computer and Log in with your Google account for further.
  • Install the Healthifyme apk and enjoy the application.

Is healthifyme mod apk safe to play?

Yes, you can play the free version safe and buy the premium version, which is also safe. But the modded apk is not 100% secure because it was made by someone else who is not from the original developer of the apk, so I suggest that you go for the premium and buy some amount and then freely use it. Still, if you want to get from, you get the safe mod apk, and you can play and enjoy.

Les données personnelles resteront-elles en sécurité dans apk ?

According to the healthifyme company, yes, they do not share your personal information with a third party or any other platform. However, you can easily manage your data in the application because your personal information and data are 100% safe.

Healthifyme mod cracked apk Show Correct Result?

Yes, the cracked version of the apk gets the same result as the original one.


If you want to build your body and remain fit, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our HealthifyMe Mod Apk by downloading it onto your phone. It is the top fitness app that gives you instruction from trained professionals about how to exercise and maintain a healthy diet through various diets suitable for different body types.



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