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September 1, 2019
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Jump Force APK is an action-packed anime/manga battle arena aventure game for mobile devices. In Jump Force, you control interesting personalities from different manga/anime favorites and give them a hand as they navigate the large 3D battlegrounds. Within this three-dimensional war simulation game, we get to choose from various character classes that can be switched out at any time during the fight so that the player is never underpowered or overpowered when trying to complete their missions.

Gameplay of Jump Force APK


In the gameplay, you have to control your character’s movement, who is jumping on a platform and collecting points. Avoid missing anything. Jump from one platform to another and find the characters specific to this project. Keep the record for the highest ranking in the global leaderboard.
It can be hard to get your product known on the Internet with so many companies fighting for attention among the public and competitors alike. The best way to make a website stick out would appear to be using some subtlety and intrigue! For example, by allowing visitors to only move with specific predetermined “platforms,” you could present them with an interactive experience that encourages repeat visits to find out what happens next.

Story of Jump Force

The story’s main character is a man who was in the right place at the right time. He was an innocent bystander who, by happenstance, suddenly found themselves at center stage during an alien invasion. Thankfully, they were armed with a device called the Umbra Cube, which gave them special powers and gave him the ability to support his team in their fight against Goku and Venom. There is still danger in the dark, though, so there’s much more on the line than just Earth’s safety.

About Jump Force Mugen v8 Apk

The gameplay in MUJEN Online lets you explore various methods to defeat your enemies. Every character has their attacks and combos, so players can choose the most fits their playing style.  The controls are straightforward: press the left key to attack and UP and LEFT keys to initiate an extraordinary move, then press the TOP button. You can also practice with your favorite characters, especially by trying different fighting styles in training mode!  The PvPplayable method (player vs. player) will allow you to compete with other players online, and if this is something that interests you make sure you download this game and see who’s truly the best yet.

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Features of Jump Force APK


There are 40+ champions from various media sources. Goku, Blackbeard, and Naruto characters go against the enemy called Venom in Jump Force MOBILE. Players cope with a variety of categories.

LightWeight Game

With hours of show and coding, it was possible to compress video games to weigh a lot more. While the installation process may take some time, compression reduces taking up too much space on your smartphone. It’s important to note that Jump Force Mobile is one of the few mobile games that are not too big to install. Hence, it’s always easy to restore video games on your phone.

Fight With Others Players

Jump Force is an action-packed video game that allows players to battle famous animated characters like Goku, Naruto, and Luffy. Spike Chunsoft created the game as part of the 50th anniversary of Weekly Jump Magazine, which published material related to these people from a 16-person cartoon series. In 1998, Shonen Jump was purchased by Bandai spell and merged with Dragon Ball’s international license holder Bandai Tamashii Nations (formerly known as Bandai Entertainment Inc.). This merger allowed cross-platform software released on Windows, PlayStation 4 (ps4), and Xbox One.

How to Download Jump Force APK

  • Cliquez d'abord sur le bouton "Télécharger" donné en haut et en bas de la page
  • Ils vont au lien suivant
  • Download Jump Force APK from the given Link
  • Jump Force APK download and store successfully on your device.

How to Install Jump Force APK

  • Si vous avez une ancienne version de mod apk, désinstallez l'ancienne puis installez la dernière version de l'apk.
  • Lorsque le téléchargement du jeu mod apk est terminé, ouvrez l'onglet des paramètres sur votre téléphone.
  • Allez dans Paramètres du téléphone >>> Onglet Sécurité >>> Allez dans Ressources inconnues >>> Vérifiez-le et allumez-le. Vous pouvez également le désactiver pour le protéger des autres ressources.
  • Vous devez vous assurer que votre appareil ou mobile dispose de suffisamment d'espace pour installer le jeu.
  • Cliquez sur le bouton Installer et attendez une seconde pour l'installation.
  • Maintenant, le mod apk est installé avec succès sur votre appareil.
  • Ouvrez le fichier et profitez des ressources illimitées.


Jump Force APK For Andriod.

  • Minimum Nécessite Android 5.0 ou version ultérieure
  • Au moins 4 Go de RAM requis pour l'installation sur les appareils Android
  • Nécessite une bonne connexion Internet

Questions fréquemment posées?

Is Jump Force MOD APK safe to use?

Oui, vous pouvez jouer à la version gratuite en toute sécurité et acheter la version premium, qui est également sans danger. Mais l'apk modifié n'est pas sécurisé 100% car il est fabriqué par quelqu'un d'autre qui n'est pas du développeur d'origine de l'apk, donc je vous suggère d'opter pour la prime et d'acheter une certaine quantité, puis de l'utiliser librement. Néanmoins, si vous souhaitez accéder à apkact.com, vous obtenez l'apk mod sécurisé, et vous pouvez jouer et en profiter.

Can we use Jump Force APP without an internet connection?

Oui, le mod apk nécessite une bonne connexion Internet des réseaux 3G et 4G. Cependant, vous pouvez jouer au jeu facilement sans connexion Internet si vous disposez d'une bonne connexion Internet.

Is Jump Force APK offline or online?

This APk is online, and you need to connect with the network to get a good result.

Les données personnelles resteront-elles en sécurité ?

Oui, la société ne partage pas vos informations personnelles avec un tiers ou toute autre plateforme. Cependant, vous pouvez facilement gérer vos données dans l'application car vos données sont en sécurité 100%.


Jump Force MOBILE is one of the most popular fighting games on Android. You can quickly jump and play with your friends in multiplayer mode, so there’s no reason to get bored with this game. It is a safe app for Android devices, so you won’t have to worry about getting infected by viruses or spyware because it’s been thoroughly tested. Download a copy now and stop spending all of your time on other games that don’t compare to how fun Jump Force MOBILE truly is!


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