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Train an army, grow your dragon, battle to conquer Westeros and rise to dominance with your allegiance!
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Game of Thrones: Conquest APK is a strategy game set in the world of HBO’s “Game of Thrones.” This game is about politics and war, where you build cities and armies and fight for the Iron Throne! You can play as one of six factions, including the Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens, Baratheons, Greyjoys, and the Night’s Watch! This game is free to play, but there are optional in-game purchases.

Download game of thrones: conquest apk game on your android device. In this game, you can build the city, train soldiers, go to war with other towns, and capture them to get more resources and soldiers.

Game Overview

Join the fight to conquer Westeros and rise to power with your fellow soldiers! Train your dragon and grow stronger so that you can battle against other players and take control of the Seven Kingdoms.

Game of Thrones: Conquest is the official GoT empire-building strategy experience on mobile. In Westeros, great houses clash, dragons rule the sky, and the Army of the dead threatens the realm. As you build your kingdom and forge alliances, you will raise and train your dragon, command an army, and march to explore and conquer new territories. You will also collect your favorite characters from GoT and level them up RPG style to strengthen your Small Council or your Army! If you enjoy deep, immersive strategy games were rallying alongside your allies into battle is the path to victory, this game is for you!

Collect heroes 

In the game, different types of characters are available, like Hero cards and magic, and you can collect your favorite collector among them. You can select you are correct, level up their style, unlock their skill signatures, and train them. You can assign a small Council to your heroes for a battle where they can boost their skills and apply different strategies for action. After the other heroes are characters, when they complete their training, you can take heroes into the battle and Secure more victories with unique bonuses. There are different types of Heroes available, but the important 60+ characters from Daenerys: the Mother of Dragons to Rhaegal: the Green Fury. 

Building your cities and: is the most important thing in the game. You can create your city and make a great house for this. You can collect the resources and build your home, and then you can collect an army e in your town is in your place. They can I your cities from anyways you can train your Army by applying different strategies and turning them for any file LTE. You can also give some techniques to fight using weaknesses to your advantage. You can also create different types of towns for Civilization where people can live, and then make weapons tanks and collect different types of items that you can use during a fight. 

Stand with your Allegiance 

Game of Thrones: Conquest’s alliance structure is like nothing you’ve seen before. By bending the knee, you and your fellow players can rise to power and conquer the Seven Kingdoms. 

Raise Dragons

As a house lord, you’ve been entrusted with a dragon egg. It’s up to you to hatch it and raise your very own dragon! Train it to become the ultimate weapon in battle, and choose whether to use it to fight your enemies or protect your kingdom. The choice is yours.

Customize your dragon to become the envy of your empire: choose among a variety of body and eye colors, scale patterns, and horn shapes.

Conquer Seats of Power

Lead your troops to victories in over 120 iconic Game of Thrones seats of power, like Winterfell and Dragonstone. Defend your strongholds to gain military and economic upgrades for your kingdom.

The Seat of Power level corresponds with the amount of power necessary to successfully siege and the rewards given to those who maintain control. Are you powerful enough to overthrow the current king and take control of the Iron Throne? If so, what kind of king or queen will you be?

Venture together into Battlegrounds

Join The Great Ranging and explore the wild and untamed lands beyond The Wall. With your fellow Rangers, you’ll face down dangerous enemies and overcome treacherous challenges to protect the realm from the threats that lurk in the north. You can become a Titan of the North with your strength and courage. Don’t back down from a challenge – face it head-on and work together as a team to defeat it. The rewards will be worth it in the end.

Interact with unique characters 

In The Game of Thrones conquest, there are more chances to interact with the famous character from the series, like Jon snow Francis’s truck and their son. They provide matching and useful assets that help you control your Throne and baby. When you’re building you are Armies city is Managing the economy, and you can also use it for planning your strategies. 

Online gameplay 

Join the millions of online camels in Game of Thrones conquest, and you can fight for control you are thrown. You can also create your Alliance an Alliance system to net4 help in difficult times, join the matching great was, and collect the incredible boost for your Army. 

Free to play 

The amazing feature of this game is that it is a free-to-play venue download it from our website because the original fun has limited features, but if you well the premium future, you can download the game of thrones: conquest mod apk from our website.


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Frequently asked questions?

Is a game of thrones conquest mod apk free to play? 

Yes, Game of Thrones: Conquest MOD APK is free to play, and you can enjoy unlimited premium features. 

How to get Game of Thrones: Conquest MOD APK unlimited gold? 

In the Mod version of the APK, you will get a lot of gold added to your wallet, and you can use it without any claim, so download the mod and enjoy the unlimited gold.

What's new

The dragon takeover continues in GOT:Conquest, with plenty of spoils for the daring and bold! -New Dragon Rider avatars available now! -Ongoing opportunities to collect Dragon's Dominion March pawns, the fearsome Rhaegal Hero Card, and unlock the new Dragon Lore Excavation plot! -All this plus several bug fixes and stability improvements!



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