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Create your own little world and drive on human evolution. Merge two people and get a new, more modern life form populating the planet with different creatures: from simple animals to diverse and unpredictable personalities.
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December 20, 2021
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Homo Evolution MOD APK – Homo Evolution: Human Origins is a popular arcade mobile game. It’s a combination of a crafting clicker and strategy. You have one goal – populate the earth with people. However, the path you must take to get there is quite long. You start with simple organisms, gradually developing life in all directions and eventually forming into much more complex organisms. The game mechanics follow this principle:

  • Click on the screen, and you will create single-cell organisms.
  • Combine these creatures to develop multi-celled animals.
  • Create various types of humans to populate your world.

About Homo Evolution APK

This is one of the best applications from other games. It is designed, developed, and Offered By Azur Games. It has more than 10,000,000+Million Installs with an average rating of 3.9, and the total number of ratings on this Application on the google play store is 2,000,000+ if you want to get the mod version of the apk download from apkact.com.

About Homo Evolution MOD APK

This is the Modified version of the Homo Evolution MOD APK which is not from the original developer. This is the Application where you get unlimited resources free of cost. If you want to install the mod version of the apk download now from apkact.com and enjoy the mod features.


Evolution is a place-based mobile game developed using the Human Evolution theme and mood to promote human evolution. In this game, players manage their world in which they can alter their local area into anything they want with complete creative freedom.

Humanity Evolution adopts a style of gameplay that features an original American graphic design. This allows players to discover the standard or well-known creatures along their evolutionary path and see what happens when new combinations or mutations occur. In this way, we have made the creative process far more memorable and entertaining for players who wish to reach higher levels and those who use our app primarily for entertainment purposes? As everyone wants to play their part in world society, so does Humanity Evolution’s little mark on the world by allowing players to create their names for each creature if they wish. They can even become famous within the Game or with their wider community of friends by showing off all the unique creations they have made during the gameplay experience! We want players to feel free while playing through this evolution of sapiens.

Although the game is described as an ‘evolution simulator’ in the App Store, it offers little more than evolving creatures in a synthetic manner. Players begin by acquiring eggs and aiding the offspring to unfold into new creatures.

Features of Homo Evolution MOD APK

Create Your World

The gameplay of this game mainly gives players a look into the details of a very well-done recreation of human evolution. Players will be able to go back and forth through time to gain knowledge of items and clothes that people wore during each period. Moreover, this game allows players to choose which direction they want their character’s development to go; it offers many different paths for players’ advancement. The features provided in this game give it a highly addicting aspect because there are small goals one can attain whenever they have time throughout the day while also giving them additional money based on how long they were offline at any given moment. This is one of the better idle games out there.

Merge Players to Make New Player

Although there are similar games, this game is relatively easy to play if you know your way around the interface. The currency will be initially used to buy your first creatures or eggs buried in the sand, and once a player breaks open the egg, they will be allowed to see a brightly colored creature and have it placed on land for others to see. This is just the beginning of what can be described as a creature merging process. Players must combine two identical morphological creatures to create an entirely new species within an ecosystem. When players combine two animals, they receive an egg that helps them get closer to creating a brand-new species within their ecosystem, which helps save both unnecessary time and expenditures.

Develope Peoples

If players lack eggs, they can purchase them right away with in-game currency. The value of these eggs will gradually increase depending on the number of eggs the player has bought. That said, this game also offers a way to accumulate cash quickly; by tapping non-stop. Every tap, every creature in their ecosystem will yield a small amount of money for the player, so keep tapping until you have enough money to purchase those new eggs. Alternatively, you could choose not to tap but wait patiently and let your resources grow naturally even as you tend to other businesses – because it is your Idle feature that allows you to do so! Every second, a creature under your command gives back a small amount of money corresponding to the number of animals under your control. These are some ways that you as a strategist might decide on how best you’ll want to employ your world domination strategies and tactics.

Graphic and Sounds

The graphics are simple, but the plot of these games is so complex that you may spend hours and still not think you have reached the end. Fortunately, it does not matter in such notable games as Girlfriend Rescue Mission and Dinosaur Spa because you will have a marvelous time with cute animals during the entire journey.

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MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money and Gems
  • Free to Download and Install
  • Unlocked All Versions
  • Remove All Ads
  • Unlocked Everything
  • No Need to Root Your Devices
  • Unlimited Everything


  • WiFi and Networks
  • Location: We need this permission to detect your location and provide region-specific content.Vibration Control
  • Microphone
  • Audio: Change Audio Settings
  • Bluetooth

Pros Vs. Cons


  • Free of Cost
  • Safe
  • Offline and Online Mode
  • Millions of Downloads
  • Easy to Play


  • Heavy File Size
  • Hanging
  • Highly Addictive
  • In-App Purchases

Homo Evolution MOD APK Unlimited Gold and Gems

Download the latest version of the mod apk from apkact.com. The link is given below.

User’s Reviews

I overall enjoyed this game! The art style is excellent, and the gameplay challenging. My only gripe about this game is that it’s very ad-heavy, which takes away from what you’re doing in the game. I didn’t like how sexist one of the branches of evolution was, where it mentioned “crazy cat ladies,” “screaming businesswomen,” and more. However, I understand these are made as a joke and not taken seriously. However, it still adds to the male-dominated hierarchy with immense pressure on women to uphold stereotypes regardless of whether or not they fit into those stereotypes.

This game is fun and addictive because the buildup to entering each level is always a pleasant surprise. Unlike most games, it hasn’t crashed on me, and I don’t think that the ads are a problem because if you choose to get the bonus round of gold coins when you’re presented with an ad, you can skip it instead of having to wait for other offers which in this case would probably take way too long. Also, I like that you get to choose what era your character comes from. It’s exciting and unique! After playing this game a little longer without any problems or crashes, the only thing that has happened so far is that eggs sometimes spawn too slowly. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to happen or could be improved, so there will be more waiting around, but other than that, it’s a very reliable game overall.

How to Download Homo Evolution MOD APK

  • First of Click on The Given “Download” Button at the Top and Bottom of the Page
  • They Go to the Next Link Link on the given Link
  • Download Homo Evolution MOD APK from the given Link
  • Homo Evolution MOD APK download and store successfully on your device.

How to Install Homo Evolution MOD APK

  • If you have a Homo Evolution MOD APK old version, uninstall the old one and then install the Homo Evolution MOD APK latest version.
  • When the mod apk game downloading is complete, Open the setting Tab on your Phone.
  • Go to phone Settings >>> Security Tab >>> Go to Unknown resources >>> Check it and turn it on. Also, you can turn it off to protect it from other resources.
  • You must ensure that your device or mobile has enough space to install the game.
  • Click on the Install Button and wait for a second for installation.
  • Now, mod apk is installed successfully on your device.
  • Open the file and Enjoy the Unlimited Resources.

Requirements for Homo Evolution MOD APK

Homo Evolution For Android

  • Minimum Require Android 4.4 or up version
  • At least 4GB Ram Require for Installation on Android Devices
  • Require a Good Internet Connection

Homo Evolution For PC

  • Download the APK from our website.
  • Download the Emulator Called “Bluestack” on Your Device and Install it.
  • After installing the Emulator on Your Device or PC, open the Application.
  • Open the APK in the Emulator, Start the Game, and Enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is Homo Evolution mod apk safe to play?

Yes, you can play the free version safe and buy the premium version, which is also safe. But the modded apk is not 100% secure because it is made by someone else who is not from the original developer of the apk, so I suggest that you go for the premium and buy some amount and then freely use it. Still, if you want to get from apkact.com, you get the safe mod apk, and you can play and enjoy.

Can we USE Homo Evolution mod without an internet connection?

Yes, the mod apk requires a Good Internet Connection of 3G and 4G networks. However, you can play the game easily without any internet connection if you have a good internet connection.

How to get Homo Evolution mod apk unlimited money?

In the original version of the Application, you will pass the mission. Still, in the modded version, you will not need to play furthermore because everything is unlocked, and you can quickly achieve success.

Is the Homo Evolution apk mod is free to Download?

Yes, the mod version of the apk is 100% free, and you can download it without any issues.

Is apk offline or online?

This apk is online, and you need to connect with the network to get a good result.

Will the personal data remain safe?

Yes, the company does not share your personal information with a third party or another platform. However, you can easily manage your data in the Application because your data are 100% safe.


Homo Evolution MOD APK is one of the Racing games where you get unlimited resources free of cost without spending any money or other items. I hope you enjoy this Game and article. If you Have any questions regarding this Game, feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting apkact.com.

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