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Care for and train your own stable of horses, breed the perfect champion, manage a homestead ranch, and race for victory!
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Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK – Rival Stars Horse Racing is a competitive horse racing sports simulation game where you get a chance to manage your very own racing stable. However, until recently, things weren’t going great for your company, and the burden of making it successful again has fallen on you. Fortunately, the app developers have done a magnificent job creating this stellar app, bringing much-needed realism to the table, and detailing each aspect with care. The graphics and landscapes are simply spectacular too!

About Rival Stars Horse Racing APK


This is one of the best applications from other games. It is designed, developed, and Offered by MDickie. It has more than 100,000+ Installs with an average rating of 4.4, and the total number of ratings on this Application on the google play store is 40,000+. If you want to get the mod version of the apk, download it from apkact.com.

About Rival Stars Horse Racing mod APK

This is the Modified version of the Rival Stars Horse Racing, not from the original developer. This is the Application where you get unlimited resources free of cost. So, for example, if you want to install the mod version of the apk, download it now from apkact.com and enjoy the mod features.


While riding on his horse one day, your father was thrown off by his horse’s spooked behavior. After he returned home, he found that unfortunate events became more frequent, and in a panic attempt to deal with all the pressure of misfortunes, he began drinking and gambling more than usual which led him to go deeper into debt. This suddenly caused the rest of your family to leave you and your father alone since they were both ashamed and disgusted by their father’s actions.

Your father has passed away, and the ranch is bankrupt and up for sale. Francis Kwan, your family’s greatest friend, has been entrusted by your father’s will to try and save the business from going down. You have the skills to help repair your father’s legacy as a celebrated stock car driver and use those same management skills to manage a horse ranch. Be proud of your heritage as a horseman and restore the farm while paying tribute to your father, that is now known as an esteemed racing champion who left his mark on history.

Rival Stars Horse Racing gives you more than you need to get started. As a ranch owner in the game, you will be exploring your farm and caring for your horses by improving their performance and making it possible to race competitively. Aside from actually taking part in races with the help of one of your horses, you can also participate in a tournament or even sell a horse if necessary. You’ll have many decisions to make daily, such as choosing horses that aren’t as good at racing but can boost the competition level of your other horses.

Horse lovers rejoice! Your dream of attending horse races is closer than ever before with our newest game, Rival Stars Horse Racing. Get ready to experience the glamour of the equestrian circuit from the comfort and convenience of your phone, thanks to this exciting race game that offers hours of excitement for any rider looking for an adventure with horses. Travel around international locations such as Miami and Tokyo, racing against new opponents and jockeys each day for rewards and prizes as you improve your riding skills with new tournaments added daily. Whether you’re a casual player who loves horses or someone looking for a dose of adrenaline, you will always have something exciting to do in Rival Stars Horse Racing.

Features of Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK

Intuitive interfaces and touch controls

To start with, Rival Stars Horse Racing has a gameplay that’s very easy & simple, but at the same time, it’s incredibly diverse and in-depth. And thanks to intuitive interfaces with accessible menus and helpful tips (such as how do you get more gems in Rival Stars Horse Racing), you’ll quickly be able to engage in the mobile title without too much difficulty. Plus, once you get into the races, the simple touch controls, and helpful tutorials will ensure that even first-time players can successfully navigate using their horses. All you need to do is change the direction left or right to move your horse, use the sprint option in sync with the sprint energy bar to get your horse performing at its best while also keeping an eye on your opponents & tracks so as not to lose focus of what’s happening during each race.

train your horse

Rival Stars Horse Racing is a horse racing management game. You start with a primary-level horse named The Spirit, and you try to acclimate yourself to the game’s management mechanics.

Your horses will level up and grow stronger after each race they win. You can also hire a trainer to help make your horse more potent in its stat types to raise its stats. However, while this trainer is teaching the horse new tricks, it’s not racing which means you’ll have to either use another horse or find someone else to take your place if you want to hit those tracks! So we do hope you understand.

Join Tournament

Rival Stars Horse Racing offers you a variety of ways to help improve your skills. For example, you can compete in Story Mode and adventure across Europe’s races as a jockey to conquer championships and win those Races of Glory! Challenge your horses in Endurance Mode for the ultimate discipline test to run further than other racers on grueling courses.

When you play a video game, it’s exciting to do so against other players. What is even more exciting is playing against your friends and family to create even more fun and challenging environment. So if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to play online with all of your friends, now is the time! To give you that added edge, we recommend that you get a solid horse to ride on because every good gamer knows that winning at any game means having the right equipment.

Amazing Characters

Throughout the game, players will of the Android gaming app Rival Stars Horse Racing have their chance to experience in-game stories that should keep them fully engaged in their horse ranch and racing adventures. Find yourself enjoying many realistic and relatable story progressions with interesting characters to interact with, and each will play a role in your success stories. And they will also help you during your everyday ranching tasks. That is why it’s always great to have some friends around.

Expand Your Family

Rival Stars Race offers more than just being able to unlock different horses with bonuses after each race, but it doesn’t end there. You can breed any two horses to create a brand new one with superior speed, endurance, and morale performance stats.

Rival Stars Horse Racing delivers on the promise that every horse you create is one of a kind experience. Each has a different look, characteristics, stats, and unique history. Moreover, the creators have finely tuned this game that nothing compares to it. There are no other apps out there like it in detail or professional development, which makes it stand out as genuinely remarkable.

Graphic and Sounds

Rival Stars Horse Racing will take you on a virtual wild ride through the beautiful suburbs. The graphics are gorgeous and designed to look like real horses were galloping over green fields! You’ll experience true-to-life horse riding in this stunning racing game for Android. With sounds and designs that match up perfectly, you’ll feel like you can almost smell the grass and feel the creak of the saddle as your horse runs at full speed.

Upgrade Horses

Upgrading the ranch is essential in Rival Stars Horse Racing if the player wants to go beyond any limits or upgrade the primary abilities of the horses. It is also the necessary base to restore the horse’s strength or health after participating in complex games or races. Upgrades happen when you have placed all other available buildings, it may cost coins and take time, but if you have patience, everything will be worth it.

Breed New Horses

Breed new horses is an additional option if the player wants to build the healthiest or most resilient horse breeds from the horses available on their farm. Although the breeding process is complicated and has many factors of success rate, players can craft relationships with friends and conduct breeding between several varieties of horse species – many of which can be bred from different generations and in several different combinations depending upon what a player desires. Besides using the options provided to augment their domesticated animals, players can also grow and harvest specific traits they want to cultivate on their plants or find during shipping routes. For example, making soap or preparing meals like tortillas allows one to pass along positive buffs that will impact other activities in ways that may help out over time.

Rival Stars Horse Racing is a competitive yet enjoyable horse racing game. By setting up races between unique horses, players will be able to choose their destiny as they try and prove that they can manage the wild rides of these beautiful animals while completing various challenges with them to gain points that will lead to victory. There are tons of ways to play this app because there are endless challenges these horses must conquer. The many different types of equines available make the game highly diverse so that everyone can participate in whichever style of gameplay suits them best.

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Recensioni degli utenti

I love the graphics and the creative aspect of it. I would recommend this game to anyone who grew up around horses or even animals! The only issue I have is that you cannot customize your barn earlier because there’s always something else the developers want you to accomplish before you unlock anything. Hence, your barn has a much better layout. As for leveling, it takes way too long to get coins, and I can’t afford all of these things for my horse because I don’t make as much money as I would like to still be alive at our age, lol, but if you are patient enough for that kind of stuff then, by all means, enjoy the game but do not pay real money for fake money that doesn’t exist lmao.

I’ve been playing a new game called Cookie Zoo, and it takes the typical match-three game to another level. I originally got into it from a friend who mentioned trying out the game, and now I’m addicted. There aren’t many ads, but you only see ads if you want to speed up something, which is annoying but still worth getting over because this game is entertaining! So the animations are great, and so are the gameplay and soundtrack – definitely pick it up if you enjoy match-three games.

Funzionalità MOD

  • Disponibilità finanziaria illimitata
  • Gratuito da scaricare e installare
  • Rimuovi tutti gli annunci
  • Tutto sbloccato
  • Non è necessario eseguire il root dei dispositivi
  • Tutto illimitato


  • Wi-Fi e reti
  • Posizione: Abbiamo bisogno di questa autorizzazione per rilevare la tua posizione e fornire contenuti specifici per regione.Controllo vibrazioni
  • Microfono
  • Audio: modifica le impostazioni audio
  • Bluetooth

Pro contro contro


  • Senza costi
  • Sicuro
  • Modalità offline e online
  • Milioni di download
  • Facile da giocare


  • Dimensioni file pesanti
  • Impiccagione
  • Altamente avvincente
  • Acquisti in-app

How to Download Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD apk

  • Prima di fare clic sul pulsante "Download" dato nella parte superiore e inferiore della pagina
  • Vanno al collegamento del collegamento successivo sul collegamento specificato
  • The download Rival Stars Horse Racing at the given Link
  • Rival Stars Horse Racing mod apk Download and store successfully on your device.

How to Install Rival Stars Horse Racing mod apk

  • If you have a Rival Stars Horse Racing mod APK old version, uninstall the old one and install the Rival Stars Horse Racing mod APK latest version.
  • Quando il download del gioco mod apk è completo, apri la scheda delle impostazioni sul tuo telefono.
  • Vai alle Impostazioni del telefono >>> Scheda Sicurezza >>> Vai a Risorse sconosciute >>> Verificalo e accendilo. Inoltre, puoi disattivarlo per proteggerlo da altre risorse.
  • Devi assicurarti che il tuo dispositivo o cellulare disponga di spazio sufficiente per installare il gioco.
  • Fare clic sul pulsante Installa e attendere un secondo per l'installazione.
  • Ora, l'apk mod è installato correttamente sul tuo dispositivo.
  • Apri il file e goditi le risorse illimitate.

Requirements for Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD APK

Rival Stars Horse Racing For Android

  • Minimo Richiede Android 4.4 o versioni successive
  • Almeno 4 GB di RAM necessari per l'installazione su dispositivi Android
  • Richiede una buona connessione a Internet

Rival Stars Horse Racing For PC

  • Scarica l'APK dal nostro sito web.
  • Scarica l'emulatore chiamato "Bluestack" sul tuo dispositivo e installalo.
  • Dopo aver installato l'emulatore sul tuo dispositivo o PC, apri l'applicazione.
  • Apri l'APK nell'emulatore, avvia il gioco e divertiti.

Domande frequenti?

Without an internet connection, can we use the Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD apk?

Sì, l'apk mod richiede una buona connessione Internet di reti 3G e 4G. Tuttavia, puoi giocare facilmente senza alcuna connessione a Internet se disponi di una buona connessione a Internet.

How to get the Rival Stars Horse Racing MOD full version?

Nella versione originale dell'Applicazione, supererai la missione. Tuttavia, nella versione modificata, non avrai bisogno di giocare inoltre perché tutto è sbloccato e puoi raggiungere rapidamente il successo.

Is the Rival Stars Horse Racing mod APK Free to Download?

Sì, la versione mod dell'apk è 100% gratuita e puoi scaricarla senza problemi.

Is the Rival Stars Horse Racing apk mod offline or online?

Questo apk è online e devi connetterti alla rete per ottenere un buon risultato.

I dati personali rimarranno al sicuro?

Sì, la società non condivide le tue informazioni personali con terze parti o un'altra piattaforma. Tuttavia, puoi gestire facilmente i tuoi dati nell'applicazione perché i tuoi dati sono 100% sicuri.


Rival Stars Horse RacingMOD apk Is one of the best Sports applications where you get unlimited resources free of cost without spending any money on other items. I hope you enjoy this Game and article. If you Have any questions regarding this Game, feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting apkact.com.


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