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WWE Immortals MOD APK – WWE Immortals (MOD, unlimited money) – Become a Wrestler who participates in battles without rules. This is not an ordinary fight, a war of superheroes and villains. Each hero has his unique abilities and tactics of fighting you will see on the screen. Earn invaluable experience and money to improve your character or purchase armor and other enhancements for him. Create an invincible squad of wrestlers and prove that you are the best in WWE! The beautiful graphics and incredibly realistic sound effects will capture anyone’s imagination.

About WWE Immortals APK


This is one of the best applications from other games. It is designed, developed, and offered by Com2uS. It has more than 10,000,000+ Installs with an average rating of 3.9, and the total number of ratings on this Application on the google play store is 200,000+. If you want to get the mod version of the apk, download it from apkact.com.

About WWE Immortals mod APK

This is the Modified version of WWE Immortals, not from the original developer. This is the Application where you get unlimited resources free of cost. So, for example, if you want to install the mod version of the apk, download it now from apkact.com and enjoy the mod features.

Panoramica del gioco

The fighting style in WWE Immortals is unique and something you’ve never really seen before. It’s similar to other games in the same genre, such as Injustice: Gods Among Us (developed by the same studio) and Marvel Contest of Champions. Each time you play, you have four fighters from which to choose; three guys and one girl from the WWE! So play a 3v3 battle, tapping intuitively on your touchscreen with whatever fighter you select to control them and defeat your opponents from an exotic mix of universes.

WWE Immortals include WWE Superstars like Triple H, John Cena, The Undertaker, and Kane (who happens to double as Glenn Jacobs in real life), who have been constructed into Roman Centurions, Witches, Giants, and many other types of WWE Superheroes. One has to unlock them to finally get the reputation of being a well-known WWE wrestler with a trophy castle.

WWE immortals hack is one of WWE lovers’ most popular and downloaded games. This game combines the gameplay of wrestling with the character-building game. We know that you are looking for WWE immortals cheats or learning how to get free coins and gems to enjoy unlimited entertainment with your favorite heroes and heroines. Now your dreams have come true through our WWE Immortals Cheats tool because it provides you unlimited currencies, which allows you to unlock all superpowers of each character without facing any problems in playing this video game. This is not only an online tool; this cheat works for all android devices even if it is not rooted/jailbroke. The setup process is straightforward and takes only a few minutes on your PC or laptop.

WWE Immortals Hack APK has an excellent design with 1.5 GB of memory. The character’s plans and modeling are fantastic, creating nothing to compare to the above injustice.


Additionally, WWE Immortal’s affairs are the best. Highlighting its 1.5 gigabytes of space and memory, there is justification in this virtual game’s design and modeling of all the fighters. It is superb that each player can earn and collect their superstars to build their roster. With dozens of superstars now available as part of the game, chances are every player will get to enjoy playing a game they love with all the fighters they fancy – but not only can you do this; what makes it even better is that each wrestler has a unique ability that you can use when taking on the adversary.

There are many ways you can play the game, depending on which one you like. For example, you can go online to compete against other people or be just friends with them. We have different rewards that depend on your level – the higher it is, the better the tips will get! As you gain experience and strength, so does your wrestler and all the things he’s able to do in combat.

The leveling system is very engaging, and a high level of detail was paid to it when programming the game. The animations are beautiful, as well as the backgrounds. It has simple gameplay for an android operating system that many people enjoy. And there are tremendous achievements that will ensure players’ interest in the game. The fighting is quick and easy to control, keeping the player engaged in the game and constantly interested in what they are doing. Many players love the feature that allows them to create their movesets, characters, and customization features. It is probably why they continue playing long after mastering the original settings at release occurrence.

Features of WWE Immortals MOD APK

3v3 Combat

Use your phone’s touchscreen functionality to attack foes with wild and unique combat combos in three vs. three battles. Drag and flick to execute devastating attacks, power your moves up to meet even more damage, and unleash each superhero’s unique super abilities.

Pick WWE Superstar on Your Choose

Collect and play fantastic versions of your favorite WWE stars: Triple H, John Cena, The Undertaker, The Bella Twins, and The Rock. Each iconic superstar has a unique variation with special powers and movements. Build a series of moves and improve your character levels. Constantly adapt your team to your playing style and level up the best Immortals against different fighters worldwide in singles and tag-team multiplayer modes.

Play Also Single Player

Sure, you might want to get right into WWE Immortals’s social aspect and compete in online matches, but before you get kicked by a lot more skilled player, it’s recommended to start with the single-player mode. And I’m not just saying that. It may be the most effective method for learning each character’s fighting style and characteristic skills. Here at WWE Immortals, we are all about improving your overall experience! We would hate to see you lose now when we can help you win later on after one of our excellent players has trained you up.

Prepare Yourself Before Match

The wrestlers in WWE Immortals have their Adrenaline Rush moves, which can cause a lot of damage to your opponent. But make sure you don’t fall into the trap of waiting for it to recharge again! You’ll only have a limited amount of time after using them, and opponents can use their AR moves to take advantage of this. So be the first one with your fingers on the screen to hit that particular command button combination for your wrestler’s signature move. Good luck.

Always Defence Yourself

Other mobile fighting games allow players to win most battles by avoiding them entirely effectively. However, this is not that kind of game, and you’ll need to learn how to fight if you want to come out on top. When your opponent’s adrenaline gauge becomes nearly complete, the best time for you to go on defense is to prevent them from launching strong special moves and tagging in a teammate. If one player runs out of health points during a battle, their character shall be defeated and cannot participate until it has been fully replenished (which takes time).

Increase the Value of Cards

Silver and Gold characters will make your team considerably more substantial, but if you’re incredibly patient, you might want to save your credits for two silver characters instead of one gold. Deadman Undertaker, at 42000 credits, is an excellent pick for helping your team survive more challenging battles because he has a lot of HP and his passive ability allows him to come back from the dead with 33% of his health. Paige, the Banshee Knight, is available for 42000 credits and provides an adrenaline boost to her teammates after using her finishing move. Soldier John Cena’s numbers are hard to disagree with if you’re willing to save up enough credits, but at 48000 credits, it might be costly on top of spending between 160000 and 200000 on a single silver character. The short answer is that there’s no downside to having multiple silver or gold characters in your guild.

Amazing WWE Shows

As you gain more money from matches in multiplayer, you’ll notice that you will now be able to see a list of allies and rivals. You can check their stats by going onto the card view option in the main menu and hitting the inspect button below the selected character. If you place your rival on a team with his allies, he will get a health and attack bonus. Alternatively, he will fulfill an adrenaline boost if you remember him with his opponents – like other villains. It is best if you see where your rival stands concerning both teams rather than just one or the other because it is wiser to know who’s where at all times versus being surprised when they’re on your team instead of your rival’s side; it could lead to some costly makeovers! Also, remember that buying gold character gear from the store is essential since upgrading them can unlock special abilities for each character.

Improve Yourself Teams Performance

We recommend you have six cards. These can be used to prioritize your upgrades because the more you play and level up, the more cash you will get for being a master player. The first three Adrenaline Moves should undoubtedly be upgraded, with the second to fifth moves being unlocked as quickly as possible throughout playing this game. In addition, we recommend keeping all the other stats leveled up, too: Health Points and Shields. The more time you spend playing this game, the more gold you will earn, which can be used to upgrade your all-important Adrenaline Moves.

Multiplayer Modes

Compete against players worldwide in live events, and win incredible prizes while staying up to date with the latest WWE news directly from your mobile device.

Premium graphics and custom animations for each WWE superstar. Join many worlds designed for each superstar’s alter ego, rendered in 3D. Our game controls appear to make no sense; however, there will be a complete tutorial at the start of the game. All fighting operations will not be complex, so simply sliding your screen, clicking on release abilities, and other simple tactics can easily be a fun Fun field. Tapping on the characters on the sidebar screen, you can choose your appropriate opponent based on their role, and the best medicine is key to winning – so go out there and be angry because as long as you’re having fun, it doesn’t matter.

A distinctive feature of WWE Immortals is that it combines the excitement of a card game with the action-packed experience of a fighting game. When you have completed the whole match, your rating will be compared to another player’s – and if it’s higher, you will earn an award. In addition, the system gives out cards for some performance awards as extra rewards. Each card features WWE Superstars, Divas, or Legends in a wrestling pose, reflecting their personality and skillset – and any player depicted on these cards will be obtainable through gameplay.

Cards Equipements

Gear cards increase the stats and power of your wrestler. Playing an online event will allow you to gain gear cards. Go to a character’s profile in “Collection” and press the empty spot beside the Gear icon to equip a piece of gear. Add any equipment you’ve gotten from an online match.

Daily Missions

Finally, once you’re past the virtual training period, focus on finishing all of your daily missions. Completing just one per day will be a great way to receive some functional materials and increase your character’s rank.

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User’s Review

Overall, it’s a pretty decent app. Very user-friendly and self-explanatory to navigate. However, I’m not sure if it’s only happening on my phone or not. Still, now and then, when I try to load the app up, it sits there for a bit, telling me an error has occurred with no further instructions on how to fix the problem or what kind of problem occurred, and that makes this app wholly unusable until I do a complete delete and reload which seems to be time-consuming because it doesn’t appear to be working most of the time regardless if I hold down run as administrator or anything like that.

It was a 5-star rating for us. We don’t have the same experience with 4.5 – it’s closer to about 4 stars for us, but we felt like rounding up made sense in this case. This app would have been almost perfect, except that there were too many crashes during our evaluation of its stability on an iPhone. You’re right! It loses points because it becomes unreliable and unusable if you’re anywhere without a strong signal or not using wifi (which is really when you’d want a travel app to function).

Funzionalità MOD

  • Disponibilità finanziaria illimitata
  • Gratuito da scaricare e installare
  • Rimuovi tutti gli annunci
  • Tutto sbloccato
  • Non è necessario eseguire il root dei dispositivi
  • Tutto illimitato


  • Wi-Fi e reti
  • Posizione: Abbiamo bisogno di questa autorizzazione per rilevare la tua posizione e fornire contenuti specifici per regione.Controllo vibrazioni
  • Microfono
  • Audio: modifica le impostazioni audio
  • Bluetooth

Pro contro contro


  • Senza costi
  • Sicuro
  • Modalità offline e online
  • Milioni di download
  • Facile da giocare


  • Dimensioni file pesanti
  • Impiccagione
  • Altamente avvincente
  • Acquisti in-app

How to Download WWE Immortals MOD APK

  • Prima di fare clic sul pulsante "Download" dato nella parte superiore e inferiore della pagina
  • Vanno al collegamento del collegamento successivo sul collegamento specificato
  • The download WWE Immortals At the given Link
  • WWE Immortals mod apk Download and store successfully on your device.

How to Install WWE Immortals MOD APK

  • If you have a WWE Immortals MOD APK old version, uninstall the old one and install the WWE Immortals MOD APK latest version.
  • Quando il download del gioco mod apk è completo, apri la scheda delle impostazioni sul tuo telefono.
  • Vai alle Impostazioni del telefono >>> Scheda Sicurezza >>> Vai a Risorse sconosciute >>> Verificalo e accendilo. Inoltre, puoi disattivarlo per proteggerlo da altre risorse.
  • Devi assicurarti che il tuo dispositivo o cellulare disponga di spazio sufficiente per installare il gioco.
  • Fare clic sul pulsante Installa e attendere un secondo per l'installazione.
  • Ora, l'apk mod è installato correttamente sul tuo dispositivo.
  • Apri il file e goditi le risorse illimitate.

Requirements for WWE Immortals MOD APK

WWE Immortals For Android

  • Minimo Richiede Android 4.4 o versioni successive
  • Almeno 4 GB di RAM necessari per l'installazione su dispositivi Android
  • Richiede una buona connessione a Internet

WWE Immortals For PC

  • Scarica l'APK dal nostro sito web.
  • Scarica l'emulatore chiamato "Bluestack" sul tuo dispositivo e installalo.
  • Dopo aver installato l'emulatore sul tuo dispositivo o PC, apri l'applicazione.
  • Apri l'APK nell'emulatore, avvia il gioco e divertiti.

Domande frequenti?

Without an internet connection, can we use WWE Immortals Mod APK?

Sì, l'apk mod richiede una buona connessione Internet di reti 3G e 4G. Tuttavia, puoi giocare facilmente senza alcuna connessione a Internet se disponi di una buona connessione a Internet.

How to get the WWE Immortals MOD full version?

Nella versione originale dell'Applicazione, supererai la missione. Tuttavia, nella versione modificata, non avrai bisogno di giocare inoltre perché tutto è sbloccato e puoi raggiungere rapidamente il successo.

Are WWE Immortals MOD APK Free to Download?

Sì, la versione mod dell'apk è 100% gratuita e puoi scaricarla senza problemi.

Is WWE Immortals apk mod offline or online?

Questo apk è online ed è necessario utilizzare la nuova applicazione Rooter ha la rete per ottenere un buon risultato.

Will, la società, non condivide le tue informazioni personali con terze parti o un'altra piattaforma. Tuttavia, puoi gestire facilmente i tuoi dati nell'applicazione perché i tuoi dati sono 100% sicuri.


WWE Immortals MOD APK Is one of the best action applications where you get unlimited resources free of cost without spending any money on other items. I hope you enjoy this Game and article. If you Have any questions regarding this Game, feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting apkact.com.


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