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The LifeAfter Mod Apk takes the player through a post-zombie apocalypse world where they must try to survive against zombies. An unknown virus grows and starts spreading quickly in this storyline, turning humans into infected creatures called “Zombies.”

After some time, the world is destroyed by a zombie virus. Now, you’re one of the very few remaining survivors. Your only hope is to hide out in remote areas and wait until nightfall when those infected humans growls can be heard coming towards any place where there are still people left alive praying they don’t find anything before then.

You are a person living who has been infected with a virus and desperately needs to find food, water, or medicine. You also have to fight off the infection while trying not to get killed by this crazy world that is out there for you!

I’ve spent my life on these hills, so I know every inch of them, but what if we’re all wrong about where they end living decided its time I made one last desperate stand here before.

Game Overview

In this macabre world, everything started with the introduction of a devastating virus. When darkness comes, the room fills with menacing growls. The only way to avoid going insane is to find a safe place to relax. However, criminal gangs have taken over most comfortable shelters, and they choose to hole up in them instead. The longer you last through the night of horror and terror, getting quite possibly killed, the harder it gets to survive each round, as losses are permanently based on a moral system rating from 1-10 that serves as your overall score. So join other survivors and gather resources while working through different levels! Based on the number and types of characters, there is specific advice we can give you about how best to stay alive.

You’ll need to gather food and building materials in your travels too. And don’t forget about your farming supplies, such as seeds and harvesting tools. You can’t survive on berries alone. Living in a post-apocalyptic setting will be challenging, so make sure you have enough resources to help you out – these are the basics of staying alive and keeping nourished once the undead walker’s attack! Remember, think about what items you need in this kind of world before they disappear.

Create Your Character With Amazing Styles

Start a game of tag by setting off with three friends, two people, and a dog. Zombies attack! They attempt to stay in control, only to hit the dead-end and explode. Two of your friends die; you and the dog survive. You meet Aleksey, a man who has learned how to survive in this world. He could teach everyone else how to live on through these zombie times.

It is included in the character creation screen before starting this scene. In my opinion, it is pretty detailed compared to the current survival game. A very cool multiplayer feature is that LifeAfter Hack APK provides an animal guide for players, including Blackback, Doberman, and Labrador.

Search and Complete the Missions

Once you enter the game world, you’ll discover a series of activities that will entail traveling to different regions, completing quests, and interacting with specific individuals or items. Essential things are highlighted in bright colors, so you know what to pay attention to and where there’s a need for your involvement. The tutorial is over when you see more icons on your screen, and you must proceed toward the main storyline. Most of the time, following the quest markers and completing missions will give you experience points (XP) and bucks that can improve your character or buy weapons/supplies.

Explore the Every Place on Map and Take Care of Your Health

Apart from the Health Bar, which is the simplest to spot among the other bars on the top left side of your screen, your hunger and health are equally important. Always keep an eye on these status bars. If you’re not racing for your life, keep your heart rate up and avoid sprinting for long periods, or you may risk getting ill. You can also use the tiny map on the right side of the screen to locate landmarks and crucial markers, allowing you to concentrate on what you need to do and where you need to go. Finally, remember that your backpack will have its icon on the map once you resurrect after being beaten by an infection or any other tragic incident.

Develop An Ultimate Shelter

The best thing you can do is create a haven where you can shield yourself from danger. This place will become a new world, but it will be safe to ensure survival. You’ll be able to join up with people who you trust as you travel through the last world. As an entrepreneur, you need to seek solutions for your company’s problems, which are also your own. Here in this multiplayer module, we’re trying to put together a team that works well together and takes care of each other to create all of this and maintain it constantly, which plays a considerable part in boosting morale! Likewise, players of our game must work together if they want to be successful in their ventures or stay alive…which everyone will if they play by the rules – otherwise, they really will be dead men walking around aimlessly at night waiting for their time to come.

PROS AND CONS OF LifeAfter Mod Apk



The developers have included mini-games within the game, never getting bored and feeling like your time is being spent. You can play with friends too.

Realistic world

After adding realistic effects and enhanced graphics, the makers of life make the fights, situations, and everything within this lifeafter apk mod feel real. This is done by adding depth with post-apocalyptic environments as well as natural movements for players’ avatars.

After playing their first few rounds, I felt transported into this new world where anything could happen at any moment.


  • Not a life apk for cheap materials
  • Life after is not a competition for low materials as it needs very high requirements on your device. You need at least an Android version 4.1 or higher and 1GB of free memory!

Features of LifeAfter Mod Apk

Keep your will and hopes alive.

You are one of the several people who have managed to survive. The world is a dangerous place, but it’s not over yet! You’ll have to stay strong and keep fighting for as long as you can so that your friends don’t become infected or die from hunger–and in this new reality, there may be some things we’ve never seen before like cannibals who eat humans if they’re hungry enough (I think their favorite meal would be brains).

Live on

In a post-zombie apocalypse world, you will have to determine how to hunt down and gather your food and protect yourself with the supplies around you. Explore every place from abandoned mines or schools all over this broken landscape covered by the snow where it’s cold outside and full of infected people who want nothing more than for YOU dead so they can get their meal first.

Encounter others

When you’re out in the ruined world, scavenging for materials and trying not to die of starvation or thirst while dealing with other survivors on your quest- that’s when being extra careful becomes necessary. They might attack because they can get what we have if given enough time, so communication is critical here! You’ll need to decide whether sharing food/ammunition makes sense with these people before deciding anything else, though. I hope this helps make things more transparent.

Build the final home

The best way to survive is by making friends and having a community. You will have your ups, but also downs- it’s part of life.
During this time when you are trying to get off the ground again with what little resources that remain after previous struggles or if there are even any left at all,
remember who came before us, so they don’t fall into despair too soon: our ancestors taught us how their children could stay warm during these long cold nights without feeling alone anymore.

Download and Installation Process

How to Download & Install lifeafter mod apk On Andriod Device

  • lifeafter apk downloads from the given link below.
  • If you have a lifeafter mod apk old version, uninstall the old, then install the lifeafter mod apk latest version.
  • When lifeafter hack apk file, Open the setting Tab on your phone.
  • Go to phone Settings >>> Security Tab >>> Go to Unknown resources >>> Check it and turn it on. Also, you can turn it off to protect it from other resources.
  • You must make sure that your device or mobile has sufficient space to install the game.
  • Click on the Install Button and wait for the next installation.
  • Now, apk is installed successfully on your machine.
  • Open the file and Enjoy the Unlimited Resources.

How to install on ios

  • Click on Ok, and the process will start.
  • After downloading, the installation page will open
  • Click on Ok and follow the Given Instructions.

Requirements of life after apk


Required Android 4.1 and up


  • iPhone: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • iPad: Requires iPad 9.0 or later.
  • iPod touch: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.

FAQS About lifeafter mod apk

Can we use this app anytime?
Yes, You can use it Anytime.

Is lifeafter mod apk safe to use?
Yes, this is a free and safe app.

Can I replace the lifeafter mod apk from the Play Store later?
Yes, you can download the newest version from the Google play store.

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