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Magic Tiles 3 mod apk with challenges brings you exciting and and best game. Each player creates different tones based on their playing style, which is then tested in this game of quick-thinking skill.
The Amantes publisher has fully updated their latest album for Magic Tile 3 MOD APK so get clicking around those screens while listening closely because it’ll be tough not hitting every note correctly or at least making some noise worth noticing when they do hit just right ;). Use black icons as points (they’re easier than green ones) but watch out: if there’s no gap between tracks before time runs out, then your score goes down too fast without any chance to jump back into action.

The world-famous artists are back with their latest invention, Magic Tiles 3 apk. Do you want to be a professional pianist? Drums and other instruments are also in this game for those who have a passion for fast-paced music! You must make your sound seamless so that it can match your ability level – click when ready, then release quickly without thinking about what notes go together because they’re already preprogrammed into these tiles by famous musicians like yourself.

Additional Information

App NameMagic Tiles 3 MOD APK
SizeVaries with device
App PriceFree
System RequiredAndroid
Update3 Days Ago

The gameplay of Magic Tiles 3

It’s always a challenge to play the piano. But it can be even more difficult when you have other people competing against each other!

I’d recommend not playing with others because then your score won’t improve as much, or maybe ever at all – I’ve never heard of anyone who managed over 1000 points in duo mode alone Unless they’re siblings.

Game Overview

Express your love for music through the unique piano experiences in Magical Tiles 3. Explore new songs with refreshing tunes and relaxing tracks. Dive into the excellent rhythmic gameplay of piano music combined with many other instrumental ways. Experience an abundance of piano-related content! Play your favorite songs on these beautiful tiles.

Magic Tiles is a unique game that allows you to experience music in a whole new light on your mobile devices. The game’s key feature revolves around its gameplay of tapping on different notes as they appear on the screen and following them as they travel their way across to the following message, eventually filling up the whole screen with music once you complete all the levels. This unique take on how we listen to music is not only exciting but also fun.

In addition, with this latest series expansion, Android gamers will find themselves experiencing much more interesting features. One exciting new change is the inclusion of music tracks from their long list of the booming soundtrack. Another great new option is the gameplay mode, sure to delight any soccer fan, and it’s available on your Android device.

Simple and intuitive gameplay

With over two million downloads and a 4-star rating, Magic Tiles 3 is one of the top puzzle games on the App Store. Unfortunately, the game’s interface is so easy to use that it won’t take long to explore its features.

The gameplay of Magic Tiles is straightforward and swift, making it easy for you to get started. The game features a helpful tutorial with details about gameplay on hand so that you can learn everything you need before getting launched into the game. So by the time you’ve played enough levels to understand Magic Tiles’ mechanics, you’ll already be feeling comfortable playing it.

One can also choose to play this game via the iCade 8Barcade Bluetooth controller or any other Bluetooth controller, as well as a keyboard, which will surely make it much simpler and more convenient to play. You can play this across all your android devices that are compatible with Game-Keyboard-Controller (GKC). So don’t be bothered by not finding your device on the list; you can easily plug in a Bluetooth controller or use a keyboard to maneuver your adventure.

Hundred of Songs

This is the main feature of the magic Tile 3 games because, in this game, you will see hundreds of different songs by different artists. You can enjoy these songs and sing along with them when playing this game because that’s how players who love to play music games choose to play.

Enjoy an authentic piano-playing experience! Tap on any tile to make the left hand play a matching note; tap on any other tile to make the right hand play a matching note. Once you’re comfortable playing with both hands, it’s time to challenge yourself by removing tiles or turning them over. You can even turn on “helper tiles,” which show you when to play either hand. After 12 notes have been played, you’re ready for a new song! How fast can you get through all six songs? With Fun Piano Tiles, we aim to make piano fun and easy-to-understand concept – anyone can learn piano through simple touch controls. Fun Piano Tiles is undoubtedly music to our ears – I hope it is to yours as well.

High-quality piano songs

Magic Tiles 3 also introduces Android gamers to beautiful and high-quality piano songs. Find yourself immersed in the latest and most popular music tracks being recomposed into piano versions, or enjoy all of your favorite classic pieces.

In addition, Magic Tiles was designed to be engaging on the devices of mobile gamers worldwide. As depicted by new themes and in-game effects, we’ve made this game fun and enjoyable for every tapper that plays it – need we say more? As you gradually get better at tapping and beating your opponents, you’ll witness a new level of gameplay.

Moreover, you’ll also be able to enjoy some of the most famous pop songs that weren’t available in previous games. These will be available thanks to the collaboration with an artist-focused label called ‘Refrén.’ Explore new ways of interacting with each song using your favorite instruments and rewind technique while still enjoying the core values you’ve always loved about Project Mogul.

Online Game Mode

Not only can you play with strangers, but you can also play with friends who are logged in. Quick matches randomly select up to 4 players for a short game. For example, custom games let one player create their room, either public or private, so their team can join at their convenience. Please use the built-in chat feature to communicate with your teammates during the game.

Treasure Hunt is also an excellent literary and cultural work. After entering this first-rate series, players will receive exciting gifts after passing each chapter. And accompanied by the last upgrade of the Magic Tiles 3 Premium MOD version, it has become easy for you to unlock some of the VIP features that were once very expensive, like the Magic Cards & Keys that are essential for improving your quality of life within the game experience if you’re looking for ways to live a much better lifestyle than what you usually get as a free player who must earn money by playing before being able to do anything else.

Worldwide Challenges

In this mobile game, you’ll see many global challenges and new ways to play. When you first visit this game, you may be overwhelmed by the seemingly endless features with all sorts of unique gameplay options. However, don’t let it get to you–the creators are constantly working on improving the experience for their players. And who doesn’t love some awesome rewards?

Magic Tile 3 has a worldwide league ranking of which you can become a part. You can also improve your standings and win prizes like new songs and diamonds. The MC3 League Ranking consists of several connected leagues catering to players in a limited geography. The objective is to climb up the ladder for each specific League by gaining as many points as possible until the player reaches the top position with more than 1,000 points, where the Top One icon will appear (see World Map above).

Different Game Modes

You can play and enjoy four different modes of the game. The list is given below.

Challenge Mode:

Here in this game, you can team up with players from all over the world to compete for the highest score as you tap away as fast as possible. Then, compete with them as you rank yourselves among the top players in the entire world.

Band Mode: 

For those who wish to enjoy PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with others, a search mode allows up to 8 players to band together or play solo. This mode may be challenging for some and very exhilarating for others. Learn about the different musical instruments and practice whenever you have time.

Battle Mode:

Playing Magic Tiles is a fun and challenging way to compete against others online. You can challenge friends or random opponents in head-to-head online battles where you’ll be tasked with tapping targets as they appear on the screen before they disappear in 60 seconds. So if you are confident you have what it takes, take the opportunity to see how good you are.

Custom Match:

If you wish, the game also features the Custom Match, which will let you battle against your selected opponent(s) in various ways.

Connect With Social Accounts

Moreover, in Magic Tiles 3, players can connect their social accounts to the game and unlock many exciting features. For example, you are starting with the online sync option, which will enable you to upload your in-game progress online for backup purposes. And if this appeals to you, go ahead and sync your game data with another device of yours if preferred.

In addition, it’ll also allow you to see your friends who’re also playing the game. Hence, it’ll be easier for you to match with them in your Custom piano challenges or compete in the Challenge mode. Plus, with your social account linked to the game, many new rewards await you.

Easy to Play

Magic Tiles 3 is one of the best simple and easy puzzle games you can play anytime when you are free. The best thing about this game is that it has so many exciting features with many levels, and you can play them all for free. This game has straightforward controls, which allow it to be played easily along with a long time fun factor due to its never-ending challenging levels. While playing this game, it won’t let your mind relax even for a few moments. Instead, you will find out that there are increasing levels of difficulty along with your moves which means that how fast you move will determine how much longer you survive in this game to stave off boredom which happens a lot because of its ease of use. Finally, thanks to its relaxing gameplay style, it’s a recommendable, simple, easy puzzle game to play online.

Unlimited Money and Diamonds

Diamonds are significant in Magic Tiles 3 because they help you revive your game again, and with these diamonds, you can get new songs to play. In the standard version, it takes some time to earn a good amount of diamonds, but if you buy diamonds instantly for Magic Tiles 3, you will get the gems quickly at affordable prices.

No Advertisements

With the latest release of the non-mod version, many users have been left confused about whether to get the mod version. But if you have played this game often, we know that you’ve also encountered a ton of pop-up ads in the game, which are annoying. This is why it’s always better to eliminate them and get your game uninterrupted. So if you love playing musical games online but want to prevent ads from interrupting your musical games, then the best thing we recommend is getting it in the modded version instead of having to deal with those kinds of things all the time.

Different Music Genre

Magic Tile 3 games are waiting for your attention by showcasing the best music from around the world, so you have many reasons to enjoy this app. You will consider listening to pop, rock, jazz, and other great musical styles. You will also find dance, electric music, hip-hop, folk, and any different flavor that makes you feel yourself an irreplaceable part of the magic tiles3game atmosphere.

This is not just any game – we’re talking about a music game! Select your preferred genre and skill level, and you’ll be ready to rock out with the best of them. Classic, Rock, Indie – every tune has been covered by this game, whether online or off! The more genres you unlock, the more your musical abilities will grow. So please show us what you’ve got in the most challenging mode when your score builds up to 200… The higher your score ends up in this top-tier mode, the faster the tiles speed by! Your reactions can make or break it for you.

Key Features of Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK

  • A songbird with a voice that can’t be beaten, the Tap Tones app features natural music feeling when tapping black tiles. With many hot songs frequently updated and an extensive list of genres from POP to EDM Latin hits, you’re sure to find something for every taste!
  • Access VIP Features now.
  • No Ads. No Disturb.
  • Unlock 5000+ hottest songs

Free Revives. Nonstop playing.

Become a real pianist today!

The music in this game is so realistic that you’ll feel the need to tap your feet and bob your head. The perfect variety of genres, including pop tunes with catchy vocals or classical pieces by Mozart, make for a great listening experience.


  • Unlimited lives
  • Unlock VIP
  • No Advertising Breaks
  • Unlock 5000 Hottest Songs
  • Unlimited Gems and Crystals
  • magic tiles three mod apk all songs unlocked

How to Download Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK

  • Magic Tiles 3 download From the given link.
  • If you have Magic Tiles 3 apk old version, uninstall the old one, then install the Magic Tiles 3 latest version.
  • When the Kill Shot Bravo Mod Apk Online is downloaded, Open the setting Tab on your phone.
  • Go to phone Settings >>> Security Tab >>> Go to Unknown resources >>> Check it and turn it on. Also, you can turn it off to protect it from other resources.
  • You must make sure that your device or Mobile has enough space to install the game.
  • Click on the Install tab and wait for a second for installation.
  • Now, mod apk is installed successfully on your device.
  • Open the file and Enjoy the Unlimited Resources.


The piano game has always been a favorite for many people, and with the Magic Tiles 3 Mod Apk, you can prove your worth as the best pianist in front of other players around the world. With 80 million downloads so far, it is no wonder why this app offers engaging content without any bugs or glitches that would get in between one’s progress through levels!

What's new

- Optimize game performance and fix bugs



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