Carrom King MOD APK [Unlimited Money/Gems]

Carrom King™ is a classic board game played between friends, family & kids. Pot pucks in the pockets. Top carrom game with mind blowing features like Power Ups, Striker power & aim options, uniquely designed colorful pucks, and many more interesting collectibles.
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Carrom King MOD APK – Carrom King is one of the popular board games that everyone loves to play when they have some extra time and want to participate in a fun activity while unwinding. This game has been around for quite some time, and with The Carrom Company’s help, now users can also enjoy playing it on their mobile devices.

Carrom is an indoor table game played across Southeast Asia and Western India. In this game, a strike of the four discs onto the striker try netting and touching the sides, which would result in the bags’ score at both ends. It also needs aboard, but as we have mobile phones these days, so must have an application that helps you play Carrom on your phone. So follow all the given instructions below & get Carrom King MOD Apk for game lovers who want to play carro online without any difficulties.

About Carrom King APK


This is one of the best applications from other games. It is designed, developed, and Offered by It has more than 1,000,000+ Installs with an average rating of 4.5, and the total number of ratings on this Application on the google play store is 100,000+. If you want to get the mod version of the apk, download it from

About Carrom Friends King APK

This is the Modified version of Carrom Friends, not from the original developer. This is the Application where you get unlimited resources free of cost. So, for example, if you want to install the mod version of the apk, download it now from and enjoy the mod features.

Visão geral do jogo

People of all ages love board games, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that these games have been around for a long time. A famous example is the Carrom King MOD APK. This app is one of the most played on smartphones because there are a lot of exciting features and special equipment that enhance its gameplay. For example, many people play board games on their phones because they prefer playing modern digital re-imaginings rather than books or printouts. Unfortunately, there are many variations to choose from with today’s technology, unlike the old days when only the original books were available – this shows how far society has come after making technological advances over the past decade.

Carrom King is a board game with many rules to master and commands to learn. You’ll have to have fast reflexes to win the hearts of your loved ones who will be playing the games with you because their approval comes first. Luckily, it’s not too much of an old-school video game, and many people can enjoy it from all walks of life.

This video game follows the same rules as any other carom billiards game. The player tries to pot a cue ball into one or more objects, which is pretty simple but can become complicated if several are on the pool table. The unique thing about this game is that it gives our character skill points based on their performance and a formula for leveling up as he advances through the game’s ranks.

There is a queen who also happens to be the carom billiards game’s namesake. There are many other ways to earn additional points: by making trick shots and potting one coin with another.

When starting up the Carrom King MOD APK, you get to enjoy the game from two modes: online and offline. But beware, this application does need a stable internet connection for you to use it! It is compatible with android and iOS devices, but it’s also straightforward and intuitive to operate, thanks to its simple user interface. You don’t have to be a professional player either since it can be played both casually and competitively.


If you are a fan of carrots, you do not want to miss this NEW Carrom King MOD APK. This game is probably the best mobile version of the board game available right now. You can play against the computer in offline mode. This opponent will put up a good fight, so that winning won’t be easy.

This game is also ideal for you and your friends, each having a different system to play on. For example, you can easily connect with them through the network mode, which allows you to invite them from your friend list on your respective social networks or add random opponents. To keep you engaged and interested in the game, the multiplayer mode shows real-time details of the match being played, including scores and rating points. In addition, there are pre-defined messages and emojis available to you; like all other games present nowadays, you can also type your message in the chatbox, which might be helpful while figuring out strategies against different gamers’ internet connections.

In the game, there are different modes that you can explore. For example, there is a single-player mode wherein you can play against CPU-controlled players or two players. You also can play in 2 vs. 2 matches if both friends are online or offline since there are versions for both. ​

Carrom is a traditional carom billiards game like Carrom Pool e Amigos Carrom played with two players and four in some variants. It is derived from the Indian (or Persian!) game jeu de mail, meaning “table-ball” or simply “ball-game.” According to Hutton (1981), this precursor had many regional variants, including one known as ‘carambola.’ The game has seen numerous variations. Still, bowlers and rackets remain the basic features of all modern carom games. The various games are often claimed to be the national sport of India and the British crown colony of Mauritius.

Features of Carrom King MOD APK

Play With Friend

As with the growing popularity of carrom, we have introduced an online feature allowing you to connect with your Facebook friends. Carrom has been enjoyed as a game that requires concentration and strategy for many generations. It will enable you to enjoy the same thrill from your conversations over Facebook during your downtime – but we have also included a new set of exciting features, including playing against real opponents from all over the world.

Vários modos de jogo

This game has some of the best features that make it stand out. There are multiple players online, various playing modes, and an option to customize your player character. You can even play it offline, which is an excellent feature if you can’t get access to the Internet at any given time. But the best part is being able to interact with other users by sending messages and emojis. It certainly helps make your relationships stronger with people you care about.

Collect Different Rewards

If you win the game and earn rewards, you can unlock different boards and other special features that make the game even more enjoyable. For example, if you have downloaded Carrom King MOD APK from the link available on this site, it is enough to make your game more enjoyable. Also, you will provide some other unique features that help make your opponent lose in multiplayer mode.

New User Designs

Carrom King MOD provides different types and colorful lobbies. When you play in the same lobby design, you will soon get bored. So the game developer offers many colorful designs in each gameplay. Every match, the player can play with different bright boards. Lobby selections have also been improved, starting with no more colorful lobbies. Now the game developer has added many lobbies colors in the lobby section. Hats off to the game developer for providing the various shades of board themes and wallpapers on them like the Ludo king game theme settings toolkit or background selection setting check box options, whatever they called it.

Verity of Pucks

Various colorful pucks have been added in Carrom King MOD APK. Every puck’s design is attractive. You were spending some coins and diamonds to unlock the new bright pucks after opening the favorite pucks to use on any matches. Compared to other players, your pucks look different with attractive. Unlock any pucks using coins and diamonds. The inside game features remarkable differences. You are no more waiting to play the game. Instead, try the game now on your Android device.

Chat With Opponents

In addition to the excellent new features, this Carrom King MOD APK also includes many more thrilling games and different exciting modes, making it easy to connect and enjoy with your opponents. So, this game features a chatting feature while playing so you can socialize with your family or other players in the game! Finally, play Carrom King MOD APK and win people’s hearts from all around the world by playing with others.

Play Offline

Carom is also a fun game that you can enjoy with your friends even when there are no other people to play with. Even if both of you have phones, you have to be in the same place to play carom online but not anymore with this app that allows for an offline version to make sure you two can still enjoy the carom experience together. So you need to pass your phone back and forth on each turn.

Interface de usuário incrível

The graphics in the Carrom King MOD APK are very high quality. The design and animations for shots and competing for coins were done in great detail. The animations do not slow down any part of the gameplay whenever coins are transferred between players. The sound effects are also excellent though all that matters is that there aren’t many at all, so it doesn’t interfere with gameplay. I’ve had no problems with Carrom King MOD APK crashing or freezing because everything has run smoothly with this game.

Single Player Offline Mode

Play Vs. Computer and challenge the AI

Play Trick Shots, a fantastic time-bound mode with various levels to challenge your skills. The trick shots mode helps you perfect your carrom moves with some tricky levels testing your skills and reflexes.

Play with your family and friends in pass and play mode

Comentários do usuário

I love the gameplay! There are just a few things I wish I could change. The frequency of ads is sooooo annoying. I’m not sure if you can do anything about that, but it makes me want to stop playing the game 🙁 Also, the ads interrupt gameplay—I’d play until I got an “ad break” message rather than lose and have to start over! It would be better if they didn’t show up mid-level.

I am just a learner, so I play only on the computer (but in hard mode). I’ve noticed at times that the computer opponent seems to have some difficulty when trying to pocket the green cue ball. The red and yellow colored side pockets make aiming more challenging than it should be. Maybe some other kind of appearance would make them less distracting? This is just a suggestion. It’s up to developers to decide how they want their game to look or function.

Recursos MOD

  • Dinheiro Ilimitado
  • Grátis para baixar e instalar
  • Remover todos os anúncios
  • Tudo desbloqueado
  • Não há necessidade de fazer root em seus dispositivos
  • Tudo ilimitado


  • Wi-Fi e redes
  • Localização: Precisamos dessa permissão para detectar sua localização e fornecer conteúdo específico da região.Controle de vibração
  • Microfone
  • Áudio: alterar as configurações de áudio
  • Bluetooth

Prós vs. Contras


  • Livre de custos
  • Seguro
  • Modo offline e online
  • Milhões de downloads
  • Fácil de jogar


  • Tamanho de arquivo pesado
  • Pendurado
  • Altamente viciante
  • Compras dentro do aplicativo

How to Download Carrom King mod apk

  • Primeiro clique no botão “Download” dado na parte superior e inferior da página
  • Eles vão para o próximo link do link no link fornecido
  • The download Carrom King at the given Link
  • Carrom King mod apk Download and store successfully on your device.

How to Install Carrom King mod apk

  • If you have a Carrom King mod APK old version, uninstall the old one and install the Carrom King mod APK latest version.
  • Quando o download do jogo mod apk estiver concluído, abra a guia de configuração no seu telefone.
  • Vá para Configurações do telefone >>> Guia Segurança >>> Vá para Recursos desconhecidos >>> Verifique e ative-o. Além disso, você pode desativá-lo para protegê-lo de outros recursos.
  • Você deve garantir que seu dispositivo ou celular tenha espaço suficiente para instalar o Jogo.
  • Clique no botão Instalar e aguarde um segundo para a instalação.
  • Agora, o apk mod foi instalado com sucesso no seu dispositivo.
  • Abra o arquivo e aproveite os recursos ilimitados.

Requirements for Carrom King mod APK

Carrom King For Android

  • Mínimo Requer Android 4.4 ou versão superior
  • Requer pelo menos 4 GB de RAM para instalação em dispositivos Android
  • Exigir uma boa conexão com a Internet

Carrom King For PC

  • Baixe o APK do nosso site.
  • Baixe o emulador chamado “Bluestack” no seu dispositivo e instale-o.
  • Após instalar o Emulador no Seu Dispositivo ou PC, abra o Aplicativo.
  • Abra o APK no emulador, inicie o jogo e divirta-se.

Perguntas frequentes?

Can we use the Carrom King mod apk without an internet connection?

Sim, o apk mod requer uma boa conexão com a Internet de redes 3G e 4G. No entanto, você pode jogar o jogo facilmente sem qualquer conexão com a Internet se tiver uma boa conexão com a Internet.

How to get the Carrom King mod full version?

Na versão original do Aplicativo, você passará na missão. Ainda assim, na versão modificada, você não precisará jogar mais porque tudo está desbloqueado e você pode obter sucesso rapidamente.

Is the Carrom King mod APK Free to Download?

Sim, a versão mod do apk é 100% gratuita e você pode baixá-la sem problemas.

Is the Carrom King apk mod offline or online?

Este apk está online e você precisa se conectar à rede para obter um bom resultado.

Os dados pessoais permanecerão seguros?

Sim, a empresa não compartilha suas informações pessoais com terceiros ou outra plataforma. No entanto, você pode gerenciar facilmente seus dados no aplicativo porque seus dados são seguros 100%.


Carrom King mod apk Is one of the best Sports applications where you get unlimited resources free of cost without spending any money on other items. I hope you enjoy this Game and article. If you Have any questions regarding this Game, feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting


Refined & Improved gameplay awaits you! * Changes to make the game fairer for everyone! * Performance Improvements * Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements Making Carrom King even smoother for your entertainment! Time to hit the table! Download the latest version now to get your hands on the new content!



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