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CrossFire: Legends Mod Apk – CrossFire: Legends Mod Apk is a hugely popular online Free MMORPG title that has dominated the genre for many years. It has an enormous fan following, and the latest version, Crossfire: Gold Rush, is getting great reviews from players. If you are new to online gaming, it would be wise to try this one. But before diving in, do check out the basics of this game first. Here are some essential tips that would help you learn more about CrossFire.

Visão geral do aplicativo


Nome do aplicativoCrossFire: Legends Mod Apk
Tamanho44 MB
Preço do aplicativoLivre
Sistema obrigatórioAndroid
Atualizar3 dias atrás
EditorLoja de aplicativos do Google

About CrossFire: Legends APK

Este é um dos melhores aplicativos de outros jogos. Ele foi projetado, desenvolvido e oferecido pela TerranDroid. Ele tem mais de 10.00.000 instalações com uma classificação média de 4.1, e o número total de avaliações deste aplicativo na loja do Google Play é de mais de 100.000. Se você deseja obter a versão mod do apk, faça o download em

About CrossFire: Legends MOD APK

This is the Modified version of the CrossFire: Legends, not from the original developer. This is the application where you get unlimited resources free of cost. So, for example, if you want to install the mod version of the apk, download it now from and enjoy the mod features.

Visão geral do jogo

First-person shooter (FPS) games have always been popular among gamers. This can be seen in the large number of people who play games like Modern Strike Online or Standoff 2. Every year, there are FPS tournaments held all around the world. These tournaments provide players with an opportunity to not only show off their shooting skills but also to win great prizes.

CrossFire: Legends may not have the same mainstream appeal as games like Modern Strike Online and Standoff 2, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth playing. The game’s predecessor, CrossFire, was released on the PC platform by VTC Games, but now you can experience it right on your phone anytime, anywhere.


BL and GR are the dominant factions facing off against each other in this game. You will choose to align yourself with one of the two organizations and team up with your allies to eliminate the opposing forces in each match. After completing the game, the system will reward you with experience points for rank advancement. The lowest position is the student, and the highest is the president.

You’ll also earn GP points (Game Points) as you play. For example, the virtual currency can purchase in-game items like clothing, hats, backpacks, guns, and more. In addition to GP, the game also has another currency called Gems. You can use Gems to buy special items, but you can only get them by purchasing them with real money or by completing specific missions in the game.

When you open up CrossFire: Legends, you’ll be given a choice between two different tabs: “Zombies” and “Speed Mode”. If you want a challenge, definitely pick the “Zombies” tab. You’ll be able to control an Aroid or a Reapleton, both tough characters. You won’t have to spend time unlocking them because they’re already available in the game.

Vários modos de jogo

Crossfire Legends offers a variety of game modes that can be played on the go. The three primary types of play are: competitive, recreational, and battle. In the competitive play style, there will be modes to play Team Deathmatch, Set of Bomb (Search and Destroy), Elimination Match, Single Battle (Free-for-all), Melee (Only use skirmish), Sniper (Can utilize sight and scuffle weapons). The Team Deathmatch, Set of Bombs (Search and Destroy), and Birth and Death (Elimination Match) will occur between the two GR and BL groups through scoring. The fight will end when the individuals from one group either eliminate all members of the other group or vice versa.

Mutant Mode

A classic once available on PC is now playable on mobile devices worldwide! At the start of a match, players are randomly split into two factions – human and mutant. Humans must use their weaponry to eliminate mutants; mutants must attack and infect humans. The battle of the species begins now.

BR Mode

In battle royal mode, it’s every man for himself! Players can join matches in solo, duo, or squad mode. A game includes parachuting, escaping sandstorms, looking for supplies, defeating enemies, and fighting to be the last man/team standing. More sub-modes, maps, and items are added monthly. Now is the time to join the battle with your friends and become the legend you’re meant to be.

Key Features

  • Reclaim cities controlled by a vicious terrorist group!
  • Stop Massive Organic Weapons that threaten humanity
  • Create and direct high-tech combat units
  • Make your tactical commands in real time
  • Collect resources and develop your base
  • Train troops and research tactics to claim victory!
  • Collect and command 25 unique heroes
  • Craft gear to empower your troops
  • Build a city and conduct alliance research with alliance members
  • Participate in City Takeover and reap the benefits

Download CrossFire: Legends Apk + MOD

Apkact is the best place to download CrossFire: Legends, and We provide users with the best and safest MOD for their Android devices. In addition, more than a million users trust Apkact to supply the ideal MOD.

Features OF CrossFire: Legends MOD APK

  • Dinheiro Ilimitado
  • Grátis para baixar e instalar
  • Remover todos os anúncios
  • Tudo desbloqueado
  • Não há necessidade de fazer root em seus dispositivos
  • Tudo ilimitado


  • Wi-Fi e redes
  • Localização: Precisamos dessa permissão para detectar sua localização e fornecer conteúdo específico da região.Controle de vibração
  • Microfone
  • Áudio: alterar as configurações de áudio
  • Bluetooth

Prós vs. Contras


  • Livre de custos
  • Seguro
  • Modo offline e online
  • Milhões de downloads
  • Fácil de jogar


  • Tamanho de arquivo pesado
  • Pendurado
  • Altamente viciante
  • Compras dentro do aplicativo

How to Download CrossFire: Legends MOD APK

  • Primeiro clique no botão “Download” dado na parte superior e inferior da página
  • Eles vão para o próximo link do link no link fornecido
  • The download CrossFire: Legends at the given Link
  • CrossFire: Legends MOD apk Download and store successfully on your device.

How to Install CrossFire: Legends MOD APK

  • If you have the CrossFire: Legends MOD APK old version, uninstall the old one and install the CrossFire: Legends MOD APK latest version.
  • Quando o download do jogo mod apk estiver concluído, abra a guia de configuração no seu telefone.
  • Vá para Configurações do telefone >>> Guia Segurança >>> Vá para Recursos desconhecidos >>> Verifique e ative-o. Além disso, você pode desativá-lo para protegê-lo de outros recursos.
  • Você deve garantir que seu dispositivo ou celular tenha espaço suficiente para instalar o jogo.
  • Clique no botão Instalar e aguarde um segundo para a instalação.
  • Agora, o apk mod foi instalado com sucesso no seu dispositivo.
  • Abra o arquivo e aproveite os recursos ilimitados.

Requirements for CrossFire: Legends MOD APK

CrossFire: Legends For Android

  • Mínimo necessário Android 4.4 ou versão superior
  • Requer pelo menos 4 GB de RAM para instalação em dispositivos Android
  • Exigir uma boa conexão com a Internet

CrossFire: Legends For PC

  • Baixe o APK do nosso site.
  • Baixe o emulador chamado “Bluestack” no seu dispositivo e instale-o.
  • Após instalar o Emulador no Seu Dispositivo ou PC, abra o aplicativo.
  • Abra o APK no emulador, inicie o jogo e divirta-se.

Perguntas frequentes?

Without an internet connection, can we use the CrossFire: Legends Mod APK?

Sim, o apk mod requer uma boa conexão com a Internet de redes 3G e 4G. No entanto, você pode jogar o jogo facilmente sem qualquer conexão com a Internet se tiver uma boa conexão com a Internet.

How to get the CrossFire: Legends MOD full version?

Na versão original do aplicativo, você passará na missão. Ainda assim, na versão modificada, você não precisará jogar mais porque tudo está desbloqueado e você pode obter sucesso rapidamente.

Are the CrossFire: Legends HACK Free to Download?

Sim, a versão mod do apk é 100% gratuita e você pode baixá-la sem problemas.

Is the CrossFire: Legends apk mod offline or online?

Este apk está online e você precisa se conectar à rede para obter um bom resultado.

Os dados pessoais permanecerão seguros?

Sim, a empresa não compartilha suas informações pessoais com terceiros ou outra plataforma. No entanto, você pode gerenciar facilmente seus dados no aplicativo porque seus dados são seguros 100%.


CrossFire: Legends MOD APK, Is one of the best Sports applications where you get unlimited resources without spending any money on other items. I hope you enjoy this game and article. If you Have any questions regarding this game, feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting

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◈ Sudden Breach has been added. ◈ Rare officer Reyes has been added. ◈ Meet the stories of officers at the Special Sudden Breach. ◈ The skill range of Kaley and Catrin at Arena has been changed. ◈ Guidebook has been added. ◈ Details regarding the update can be found at the official website.



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