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This application requires GTA San Andreas. ROOT is not needed!
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CLEO Apk Hacks lets you modify the core gaming experience without replacing any of your game files, which means once you install CLEO, it will still be able to load normally. Using CLEO is the answer if you are tired of waiting to earn millions in San Andreas or killing enemies in GTA Vice City over and over to get an unlockable weapon. With CLEO Hack, there are no limits to what you can do! For example, online cheat codes are available that help gives infinite ammunition for all weapons in CLEO Gold APK.

CLEO Gold Apk is a popular app that you can use on any Android tablet or phone. You can access cheat codes for Grand Theft Auto that allow you to win missions easily. In addition, this app contains cheat codes for powerups and health. For GTA lovers who want to have fun all the time, you can use content from various GTA games with the help of these types of cheat codes today.

Features Of CLEO Gold Apk


  • This CLEO Gold Apk is 100% free. No membership purchase is required.
  • It is compatible with many GTA games.
  • Many scam scripts are pre-installed.
  • You can download more scripts with one tick.
  • If you need to continue the invalid system works, there is an alternative for yourself.
  • The CLEO Gold App is 100% free from malware and viruses.
  • Android works very quickly on tablets and smartphones.
  • Increase your player’s health to the fullest.
  • No root required. Yes, you can practice this form without a source.
  • And many more functions.

Features Of CLEO Gold

GTA San Andreas Cheats

  • Car spawner: get cars, bikes, boats, planes, heils Cleo mod apk, etc.
  • cheats: bonus cheats, including ‘mission skin.’
  • mission selector: allow to start any mission you want
  • passenger: permitted to enter in any traffic vehicle
  • full stats: bosts stats of the player
  • health regen: for increasing health
  • fight master: the player uses a different style for combats
  • flying: allow to flay like superman
  • open houses: allow visiting any house
  • car boost: Allow to a speed of your car
  • balance bost: player car ability to prevent flipping.

GTA Vice City Cheats and Cleo gold GTA SA

There is some GTA SA cheats android list.

  • Car spawner – features all of the game vehicles
  • Cheats – features all standard cheats
  • Health regen – constantly regenerates player’s hitpoints.
  • All weapon – gives an ability to have all weapons at once

GTA III Cheats

  • Car spawner – features all of the game vehicles
  • Cheats – features all standard cheats
  • Health regen – constantly regenerates player’s hitpoints.


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Key Features Of CLEO Gold APK

  • Cleo mod apk Get Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Gold & Free Cheats
  • Unlimited Download
  • لا اعلانات.
  • GTA SA Cleo apk no crash

Downloading Process of CLEO Gold Apk

الخطوة 1: Download CLEO Gold Apk from the Given Below and top of the post.

الخطوة 2: Before downloading, if you have Cleo gold apk old version, uninstall and then install the Cleo gold apk latest version.

الخطوه 3: After Downloading the APK, the downloaded file is stored on your device.

عملية التثبيت

الخطوة 1: بعد تنزيل ملف APK ، انتقل إلى Andriod> الإعداد> خيار الأمان.

الخطوة 2: انتقل إلى علامة التبويب Unknow Resource وقم بتشغيل الخيار.

الخطوه 3: قم بتمكين "السماح بالأذونات لتطبيقات الطرف الثالث".

الخطوة 4: اذهب إلى شاشة جهازك وافتح التطبيق واستمتع به.

CLEO Gold Apk For PC

  • Download the Emulator Name( BlueStack) On your System.
  • After Downloading, Install it on your system.
  • Enjoy the Angry Birds Star Wars 2 PC Game.

Requirement of CLEO Gold Apk for Android

يتطلب أندرويد الإصدار 4.1 وما فوق.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQS)?

Is CLEO Gold Apk safe to use?

لا ، هذه هي النسخة المعدلة من apk ، وهذا ليس 100% آمنًا لأنه ليس من المطور الأصلي.

Is CLEO Gold Apk free?

You can purchase and download the official application from the original website. But for MOD APK, You will get here from

Does CLEO MOD Apk require an Internet Connection?

نعم ، يتطلب هذا التطبيق اتصالاً جيدًا بالإنترنت بسرعة 3G / 4G.

Are cleo app still on the app store?

No, The apk is not available on the app store, but they provide services for their users until today, but in the future may be possible they stop their services.

Is Cleo gold apk no root two still available?

This game is not available on Google Playstore and Ios Store, But their services are available.

الوافدون الجدد

New features: - Launching game after downloading - Flipping screenshots - Rotation 180 - Hindi language - Portuguese language New mods: - CLEO mod (NoClip) - dff mod (Cars, Bikes, Trains) - Global Mod (OSA)


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