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Misfit is a fitness app that helps you to live an active life. Misfit devices are stylish sleep trackers that motivate and encourage you to live more actively. This app provides an inside on your daily activity levels and allows you to set goals and improve your fitness daily. You can use this device anywhere on your body, and they offer various options, such as sports bands, leather bands, necklaces, and clasps, that ensure both comfort and fashion. 

Key features 

  • You can track your daily activity level, including steps, distance traveled, and calories burned. 
  • This app monitors your sleep patterns and provides sleep duration and quality inside. 
  • You can set personal fitness goals based on your activity level and motivate you to achieve and surpass your target. 
  • This app comes with various upgrades, such as port bands, leather bands, clasps, and necklaces, allowing you to wear them with comfort and style. 
  • Misfit devices offer automatic wireless sinking with compatible devices, making it convenient to access and track your activity without manual input. 
  • You can use an activity monitor to stay updated with your daily tasks. 
  • You can use their devices while swimming in wet conditions. 
  • You can connect with friends and family through this app, sharing achievements and challenges and staying motivated. 
  • This app is compatible with various Smartphones and platforms.

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