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A brand new game from the creators of the highly acclaimed Merge Dragons! -Discover enchanted tales and quests in the mysterious world of Merge Magic! where you can combine everything into better and more powerful items for your journey.
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Merge Magic MOD APK – Merge Magic! is a mobile Puzzle game that allows you to mix, match and collect hundreds of unique Pet Dragons. You can level up your dragons to unlock new habitats or swap them with friends and compete against other players in the online Arena.

Magical creatures will help you make your way through the forest and unlock new territories. Solve puzzles and turn a long-forgotten gloomy forest into a bright, magical paradise oozing with charm and whimsy. Befriend plenty of fairies, hybrid plants, unicorns, and other creatures that you find on your adventure to build friendships in this colorful world. Discover a wide array of magical objects to connect in unique combinations between hundreds of levels.

About Merge Magic APK


This is one of the best applications from other games. It is designed, developed, and Offered By Games Limited It has more than 1,000,000+Million Installs with an average rating of 4.4, and the total number of ratings on this Application on the google play store is 200,000+ if you want to get the mod version of the apk download from

About Merge Magic MOD APK

This is the Modified version of the Merge Magic MOD APK which is not from the original developer. This is the Application where you get unlimited resources free of cost. If you want to install the mod version of the apk download now from and enjoy the mod features.


Magic Merge! This is an excellent game for your kids to play! It will bring the fairytales to life using different mythical creatures living in the same garden. Unfortunately, it’s cursed by an evil witch, so the park is now overrun by dark forces who have cast a spell over the inhabitants and objects. Your job is to incubate eggs and combine them to unlock new powers and gain access to even more powerful things which you need to lift the curse on the garden just like Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, or Aurora from Sleeping Beauty did. Win achievements, unlock bonus levels and have fun being creative with your land of wonders.


Merge Magic provides you with a fun and different kind of match-3 gameplay. Instead of matching squares or any other shape, this game allows you to unite creatures and animals, products, or anything that fits the story’s context. Not only that but instead of having a specific board designated for play, you will be taken on an adventure through the world’s map system. Your goal here is to help discover and solve many legends and occult tales while assisting the merge in Mages learn how to shape magic by becoming one with it.

Playing this version of the beloved game merge Magic takes you into the world of wonder and excitement once again. You’ll quickly find yourself immersed in a magical realm where you’re challenged to clear your path by becoming a powerful wizard and taking down mystical creatures. To help you conquer whatever obstacles lie in front of you here’s some specific information about the game: Allowing you to bring back past experiences, several levels are based on their previous counterparts with similar designs and overall objectives. Simplified methods will allow players with an average skill level to ease themselves into the process. Players who take the time to upgrade their characters and become more powerful can acquire new spells, which give them new abilities and faster learning times or increased formations in match-3 scenarios.

Tasks and Rules of Merge Magic

The Merge Magic game unfolds in an enchanting and mysterious natural environment with a delightful narrative based on how the conflict arises between two community sides. In beautiful natural scenery, players become immersed in their role as partaking in something that generates prosperity while resolving conflict between community members who regularly meet and interact with each other through working together on projects.

The game of Merge Magic is straightforward to play! In this game, you’ll match symbols on puzzle pieces using your hands. Then, when three elements are aligned, they will combine and produce a more significant puzzle piece with the character you initially matched. This combination must occur several times until you clear all the puzzle pieces from the board.

When you start out playing Garden Bloxx, each level is relatively simple to deal with. It’s not long before each new level you play will grow increasingly difficult! Matching the items — colorful crops and plants, for example — to complete an entire row is the most critical part of winning each level in this fun strategy game which also has a chance of rewarding you with unlockable items like decorative blocks, explosive plants, and even rare and valuable seeds that are well-suited for growing certain kinds of plants.

Merge Magic is a game with a highly compelling storyline. The game features a thousand-year curse that you need to remove to save the Enchanted Land from the fate it’s been in since this tragedy occurred. You must use whatever you can to help your cause, and they all consist of trees, treasures, stars, eggs, magic flowers, and even mythical creatures! After following your quest through the magical dimension of Merge Magic, you’ll level each one up along with strengthening certain traits about their appearance by tapping beside their portrait and to make them better prepare for their future battles; these charming creatures also get particular rare backgrounds that add even more flair to them.

In addition to the mechanism of combining three objects of the same type, in the game Merge Magic, players can also combine five things of the same kind to form two new creations together. These two creations will work as one beautifully designed whole and are capable of serving a specific function. In addition to developing and creating your garden, you’ll be able to team up with a set of magical creatures, which you’ll discover via egg collecting and combining. You’ll then have control over these more significant, more powerful creatures, which are at base similar in their creation process to how your character was made. Using this knowledge, one will know that three monsters of the same type and level will spawn a terror with a much higher level.

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Features of Merge Magic MOD APK

Merge Creatures

In Merge Magic!, you have a mission to lift the curse of the gardens. With over 80 levels, it is a tough challenge that you must overcome. Because confronting you is the evil force of the wicked witch. But, don’t be too afraid! Instead, you have hundreds of legendary creatures that will help you bind together different elements to clear away your path and break this inexplicable spell.

Merge Magic! Gives you a fairy world with hundreds of creatures. You can see familiar things like unicorns, mermaids, fairies, etc. And it has other unique hybrids that you probably haven’t seen before, such as elephants with butterfly wings. More rewards and power-ups are available for people who regularly attend the game’s events.

Discover the WonderLand

As you journey to fight the wicked witch and her curse, you will be asked to make choices along the way. Those choices will be difficult, but eventually, the right one will top. You are rewarded appropriately; you earn armor or swords for your gold. Your wood is implemented into tools that help you build up your village, and gems can be used to purchase extraordinary creatures called monsters that attack neighboring towns on different days of the week. As you precise levels from Mondays to Fridays – more challenging choices await until finally, you can defeat the wicked witch affecting all of your kingdoms throughout time.

Animation Combination

Please put on your gardening gloves and ready your net because it’s time to catch a dragon! Merge Magic has the most curious creatures. Hatch up a new pet, take care of it, build friendships with other monsters and create your powerful team by exploring all kinds of treasure troves in more than 81 worlds! Our charming game was designed by a veteran award-winning development studio and offered more than 500 monsters and over 81 worlds for you to explore.

Discover Everything

The land of Merge Magic has been hit with a curse that makes it seem like everyone here is lost. As the hero, it’s your job to lift it! By discovering and conquering eggs, trees, stars, treasures, and mythical creatures with unique spells, you could get access to the castle in the center of the island.

Combat System

Possessing a variety of magic spells, the key to success lies in learning how to coordinate them. Each level of Merge Magic is a quest that rewards a praiseworthy prize, but it’s not all up to chance. Wicked witches will bring out their lethal weapons to destroy any spell your monsters may use, so anyone who wishes for victory must never lower their guard and find ways to protect their arsenal from harming you. So you must take advantage of every resource at your disposal to win the game.

Collect Different Items

Collecting gems, tree saplings, water mana, and coins are part of the steps leading to building your forest in Merge Magic. These resources, along with some others like rainbows and unique spots to set these gems, will be crucial when it comes time to make your forests into a reality that anyone can enjoy walking around! You might have already seen some of these things while playing the game or found them while exploring new lands. If playing levels was what led you to collect these items, then we are glad to see you winning hearts (which give you the points which add up to the amount of money needed)! So do continue matching diamonds and other condiments used for making sure your village becomes something everyone will want to come back today after day! There’s plenty more fun ahead, so stick around for anything else this magical village has in store for you.


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Merge Dragons MOD APK Premium

Laden Sie die neueste Version der Mod-APK von herunter. Der Link ist unten angegeben.


This game is a lot of fun. And I believe the graphics are excellent. It would get five stars from me, but there’s a major problem I’m experiencing: it doesn’t move forward unless you manually go and click the “Save Cloud Data” option on your device… for example, I had to get a new phone recently. So, the data I have accumulated so far does not transfer over. So that was such a bummer!!! It will most likely be on my top list of games if this is fixed.

This game is fun but would be better if there were some changes. Devs, the events are becoming more and more like labor-intensive activities instead of enjoyable ones. The way the creatures spend so much time simply floating across the screen while plants continue to grow and new items appear to make it feel tedious rather than challenging or rewarding. And 50k magic for some of the following items seems entirely out of whack–especially when there are creatures that need such minor amounts (only 100 magic points!).

How to Download Merge Magic MOD APK

  • Klicken Sie zuerst auf die angegebene „Download“-Schaltfläche oben und unten auf der Seite
  • Sie gehen zum nächsten Link Link auf dem angegebenen Link
  • Download Merge Magic MOD APK from the given Link
  • Merge Magic MOD APK download and store successfully on your device.

How to Install Merge Magic MOD APK

  • If you have a Merge Magic MOD APK old version, uninstall the old one and then install the Merge Magic MOD APK latest version.
  • Wenn das Herunterladen des Mod-Apk-Spiels abgeschlossen ist, öffnen Sie die Einstellungsregisterkarte auf Ihrem Telefon.
  • Gehen Sie zu Telefoneinstellungen >>> Registerkarte Sicherheit >>> Gehen Sie zu Unbekannte Ressourcen >>> Überprüfen Sie es und schalten Sie es ein. Sie können es auch deaktivieren, um es vor anderen Ressourcen zu schützen.
  • Sie müssen sicherstellen, dass auf Ihrem Gerät oder Mobiltelefon genügend Speicherplatz vorhanden ist, um das Spiel zu installieren.
  • Klicken Sie auf die Schaltfläche „Installieren“ und warten Sie eine Sekunde auf die Installation.
  • Jetzt ist mod apk erfolgreich auf Ihrem Gerät installiert.
  • Öffnen Sie die Datei und genießen Sie die unbegrenzten Ressourcen.

Requirements for Merge Magic MOD APK

Merge Magic For Android

  • Mindestens Android 4.4 oder höhere Version erforderlich
  • Für die Installation auf Android-Geräten sind mindestens 4 GB RAM erforderlich
  • Benötigen Sie eine gute Internetverbindung

BMerge Magic For PC

  • Laden Sie die APK von unserer Website herunter.
  • Laden Sie den Emulator namens „Bluestack“ auf Ihr Gerät herunter und installieren Sie ihn.
  • Öffnen Sie nach der Installation des Emulators auf Ihrem Gerät oder PC die Anwendung.
  • Öffnen Sie die APK im Emulator, starten Sie das Spiel und genießen Sie es.

Häufig gestellte Fragen?

Is Merge Magic mod apk safe to play?

Ja, Sie können die kostenlose Version sicher spielen und die Premium-Version kaufen, die ebenfalls sicher ist. Aber die modifizierte apk ist nicht 100%-sicher, da sie von jemand anderem erstellt wurde, der nicht vom ursprünglichen Entwickler der apk stammt, also schlage ich vor, dass Sie sich für die Prämie entscheiden und eine gewisse Menge kaufen und sie dann frei verwenden. Wenn Sie jedoch von kommen möchten, erhalten Sie die sichere Mod-APK und können spielen und genießen.

Can we USE Merge Magic mod without an internet connection?

Ja, die Mod-APK erfordert eine gute Internetverbindung von 3G- und 4G-Netzwerken. Sie können das Spiel jedoch problemlos ohne Internetverbindung spielen, wenn Sie über eine gute Internetverbindung verfügen.

How to get Merge Magic mod apk unlimited money?

In der Originalversion der Anwendung bestehen Sie die Mission. In der modifizierten Version müssen Sie jedoch nicht weiter spielen, da alles freigeschaltet ist und Sie schnell Erfolge erzielen können.

Is the Merge Magic MOD APK is free to Download?

Ja, die Mod-Version der apk ist 100% kostenlos und Sie können sie ohne Probleme herunterladen.

Ist apk offline oder online?

Diese apk ist online und Sie müssen sich mit dem Netzwerk verbinden, um ein gutes Ergebnis zu erzielen.

Bleiben die personenbezogenen Daten sicher?

Ja, das Unternehmen gibt Ihre personenbezogenen Daten nicht an Dritte oder eine andere Plattform weiter. Sie können Ihre Daten jedoch problemlos in der Anwendung verwalten, da Ihre Daten 100%-sicher sind.


Merge Dragons! MOD APK is one of the best Puzzle games where you get unlimited resources free of cost without spending any money or other items. I hope you enjoy this game and article. If you Have any questions regarding this game, feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting


- Stay tuned for more fun events that will bring you wonderful creatures. - Includes minor bug fixes and improvements.



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