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Version 5.10 has major changes, MUST read below before updating.
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22 December 2020
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Pdanet+ comes with the ability to create Wi-Fi hotspots so that computers and tablets can directly connect to your Android phone and experience a high-speed internet connection via a standard network server.

About Pdanet+ APK


This is one of the best applications from other games. It is designed, developed, and Offered By rafalense. It has more than 10,000,000+ Installs with an average rating of 4.2, and the total number of ratings on this Application on the google play store is 100,075+. If you want to get the mod version of the apk, download it from

About Pdanet+ MOD APK

This is the Modified version of the Pdanet+, which is not from the original developer. This is the Application where you get unlimited resources free of cost. So, for example, if you want to install the mod version of the apk, download it now from and enjoy the mod features.

What is the PdaNet Pro apk?

The PdaNet Pro APK is a great application that allows smartphones to become laptop modems, allowing the internet to be divided between different types of devices like computers and printers without hurting performance.

If you utilize this application, your Android device will enable instant wireless networking without the necessity of searching for available networks previously.

Whenever you are using the internet on your Android device, you can seamlessly work online using apps on your laptop or tablet as long as you have a stable network signal.

What is Pdanet+?

In this review, we are looking at an application called PdaNet+. This app has a specific purpose: to help create Wi-Fi hotspots seamlessly. ​The solution to creating a hotspot is relatively simple – you need the right software for your mobile phone. The app does it all for the user. But, of course, advanced settings like channel width, channel number, and frequency would be confusing if one was trying to figure them out on their own. That’s why the developers decided to include a guide that explains what they do and what they are used for. The interface of PdaNet+ is designed with care, taking into account how users interact with intelligent devices and optimizing interactions when working with the app itself.

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Features of PdaNet+

active Hidden Wifi for your device

We all carry smartphones around, and many don’t necessarily want to be found. For example, PdaNet+ is a mobile Wi-Fi source spread from smartphones, and people can easily find the reference in the Wi-Fi connection list. However, those using PdaNet+ won’t show up on other devices because this application will hide the identity and origin of Wi-Fi. Essentially users remain invisible on others’ lists! If a dedicated person wants to connect to another’s Hotspot, they have to have a unique link created by the guest (i.e., you), and only then can they use it. Connecting through links makes the connection stable, and no one will ever detect your Wi-Fi hotspot unless given direct access!

Connect Device with Wifi or Bluetooth device

Choosing a WiFi connection over one with a USB cable can give you better speed if your laptop supports that particular service. Until recently, it wasn’t always easy to get online via this method, but PdaNet+ makes tethering easier than ever before. If you’re unsure which form of connection is most reliable for your device, we suggest you use the Internet Connection Speed Test tool to try them both and see for yourself! You can do this by clicking the “Speed Test” button at the top right on our site and choosing one of the available options afterward.

USB Mode

The USB/WiFi Share method of connecting your Android phone or tablet to your Windows laptop has been a prevalent method for a long time! It works on most but not all devices. The WiFi Direct Method will often solve the problem when it doesn’t work. However, suppose you’re using a tablet that uses an older version of Android OS (before Lollipop) and would like a more accessible and reliable solution. In that case, PdaNet+ is what you’ll want to use.

FoxFi/WiFi Hotspot Mode

Tethering without a hotspot can be metered on some carriers. A WiFi Direct Hotspot will help you out by giving you the option to create your hotspot from your mobile device. At the same time, we acknowledge that many phones still do not support this feature. And as well, we know that if it is working with your phone now, it may cease functioning in the future due to an updated carrier. With FoxFi installed and already functional, we would like to remind you of our first answer: Making sure you have adequate WiFi coverage is only part of your security plan. So please consider adding a mobile hotspot to improve the speed and capacity of your home network.

WiFi Direct mode

PdaNet+ allows you to share your 3G connection with other Android devices. For example, WiFi Direct Hotspot turns your phone into a hotspot automatically activated when PdaNet+ starts up. This allows different computers and tablets to turn on their WiFi and connect to your phone as a wireless access point that uses a hotspot as the SSID (not visible on phones running Jelly Bean or later). In addition, they will need to download our client app or configure proxy settings if they cannot install our client app. Instructions can be found by tapping Help in the pdanet app.

Do I need this software?

PdaNet is one of the more popular software programs available online for users who want to use their smartphones to connect to the internet. The PdaNet software was introduced in 2003, with the original Treo smartphone that helped launch the smartphone revolution. Now over 30 million people have downloaded it, so it’s clear that many people like using this program. However, depending on the kind of data plan you have for your devices, you may or may not be able to use PdaNet. So if you are wondering if PdaNet can be used on a given carrier network, look at our four different kinds of data plans below.

You seem to be mistaken because your carrier’s data plan allows you to turn on the mobile hotspot feature on the phone.

Your data plan is unlimited. You can turn on the mobile hotspot from your phone to use it. We have noticed that the carrier will count hotspot use against your cap (say 5G). After that, the speed will be throttled to a crawl.

Your data plan is unlimited, and you can turn on a mobile hotspot from your phone with unlimited LTE usage and no throttling cap. Remember, though, that not all handsets support this function, even if they are supposed to be able to provide it technically.

You have a data plan that enables wi-fi tethering on your phone. Using this function does not use any extra data. Instead, it simply allows you to share your phone’s internet with other devices.

Recensioni degli utenti

This app has always been dependable. I’ve been using the older “paid” version, for I don’t remember how long that doesn’t work anymore? +10 yrs. I’ve installed it on many phones, but I can not recall ever having an issue with data connectivity via the phone. In contrast, on vacation, where cell service was available, I didn’t have wifi connections that should be used as my modem via USB cable—I had never been shut down for over-usage of phone data. My usage is always on the phone as a modem to this day, I’m sure there are other uses for this app, but I only use it to connect to the internet.

I have been using this app for quite some time with no issues, and although Android is a great OS, I’m only able to give you four stars because recently, it will disconnect for no reason. The app states it’s working fine, but from any device or browser trying to connect to your network; however, the wifi is completely gone, as if all devices lost connection at the same time. So to restore your wifi from this issue, I had to close out of the app and then open it again for it to happen again 2 minutes later. By fixing this bug or even admitting the fault within Android itself before an update in the future, I will happily change my rating.

Funzionalità MOD

  • Disponibilità finanziaria illimitata
  • Gratuito da scaricare e installare
  • Rimuovi tutti gli annunci
  • Tutto sbloccato
  • Non è necessario eseguire il root dei dispositivi
  • Tutto illimitato


  • Wi-Fi e reti
  • Posizione: Abbiamo bisogno di questa autorizzazione per rilevare la tua posizione e fornire contenuti specifici per regione.Controllo vibrazioni
  • Microfono
  • Audio: modifica le impostazioni audio
  • Bluetooth

Pro contro contro


  • Senza costi
  • Sicuro
  • Modalità offline e online
  • Milioni di download
  • Facile da giocare


  • Dimensioni file pesanti
  • Impiccagione
  • Altamente avvincente
  • Acquisti in-app

How to Download Pdanet+

  • Prima di fare clic sul pulsante "Download" dato nella parte superiore e inferiore della pagina
  • Vanno al collegamento del collegamento successivo sul collegamento specificato
  • Download Pdanet+ APK at the given Link
  • Pdanet+ APK Download and store successfully on your device.

How to Install Pdanet+

  • If you have a Pdanet+ mod apk old version, uninstall the old one and install the A Pdanet+ latest version.
  • Quando il download del gioco mod apk è completo, apri la scheda delle impostazioni sul tuo telefono.
  • Vai alle Impostazioni del telefono >>> Scheda Sicurezza >>> Vai a Risorse sconosciute >>> Verificalo e accendilo. Inoltre, puoi disattivarlo per proteggerlo da altre risorse.
  • Devi assicurarti che il tuo dispositivo o cellulare abbia spazio sufficiente per installare il gioco.
  • Fare clic sul pulsante Installa e attendere un secondo per l'installazione.
  • Ora, l'apk mod è installato correttamente sul tuo dispositivo.
  • Apri il file e goditi le risorse illimitate.

Requirements for Pdanet+

Pdanet+ For Android

  • Minimo Richiede Android 4.4 o versioni successive
  • Almeno 4 GB di RAM necessari per l'installazione su dispositivi Android
  • Richiede una buona connessione a Internet

Pdanet+ For PC

  • Scarica l'APK dal nostro sito web.
  • Scarica l'emulatore chiamato "Bluestack" sul tuo dispositivo e installalo.
  • Dopo aver installato l'emulatore sul tuo dispositivo o PC, apri l'applicazione.
  • Apri l'APK nell'emulatore, avvia il gioco e divertiti.

Domande frequenti?

Can we use the Pdanet+ mod apk without an internet connection?

Sì, l'apk mod richiede una buona connessione Internet di reti 3G e 4G. Tuttavia, puoi giocare facilmente senza alcuna connessione a Internet se disponi di una buona connessione a Internet.

How to get the pdanet+ full version?

Nella versione originale dell'Applicazione, supererai la missione. Tuttavia, nella versione modificata, non avrai bisogno di giocare inoltre perché tutto è sbloccato e puoi raggiungere rapidamente il successo.

Is the pdanet+ apk mod free to Download?

Sì, la versione mod dell'apk è 100% gratuita e puoi scaricarla senza problemi.

Is the pdanet+ full apk offline or online?

Questo apk è online e devi connetterti alla rete per ottenere un buon risultato.

I dati personali rimarranno al sicuro?

Sì, la società non condivide le tue informazioni personali con terze parti o un'altra piattaforma. Tuttavia, puoi gestire facilmente i tuoi dati nell'applicazione perché i tuoi dati sono 100% sicuri.


pdanet+ Is one of the best Comunicazione applications where you get unlimited resources free of cost without spending any money on other items. I hope you enjoy this Game and article. If you Have any questions regarding this Game, feel free to comment below. Thanks for visiting


Fix wifi direct detection issue when connecting from tablet or mac.


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