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Gacha Jun apk mod is the modified version of gacha mods where you can unlock new characters and customize them according to your requirements. you have options to use swap characters, copy characters features to make your character unique.
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Gacha Jun is a popular mod of the gacha game that of new accessories with customisable designs and gives you different options and clothes for designing your characters. The creator of Gachagame developed this game. You can enjoy its battle and tournament mode. 

The new version of the gacha game is made in the gacha club, where you explore different features like customisation Studio gacha units, battles and many, many games. 

Features of gacha jun 

Swap characters: You have over 90 characters to switch, make a copy, and colour according to your needs. The popular characters in this game are Gaja DJ, luni, Lado default girl, default boy and more. There are 200 + default characters available in the game. 

Copy characters: Using this copy feature, you can select a backup character to replace your chosen character, and this feature also has lonely and 150 other default copy characters. 

Copy hairstyle: Using the hairstyle feature, you can select a backup character to replace your chosen characters here. 

Copy colour scheme: Using this feature, you can easily copy the colour scheme from any character and replace them with your selected collector colour scheme. 

Frequent questions

What is the meaning of Gaja jun? 

This is the same as the gacha club, which are small characters in Japan, and the characters use different accessories and advanced features to make themself look good. 

Is gacha jun mod available for all countries? 

Yes, the modified version is also available; click the below button and download the modified file to unlock characters and premium accessories outfits. 

What's new

Unlocked Characters

Added Swap character features.

gacha mods available for use.

unlocked gacha games.

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