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Steal gems, build your defenses and win guild wars in the Arenas in this unique blend of arcade, platform and multiplayer PVP game!
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King of Thieves Mod APK – King of Thieves is a game for android phones. This amazing Strategy game will let you be the fantasy prince or princess. You’ll get to decide whether to be a good or wicked ruler with your subjects depending on your character choices. You’ll become rich by stealing from your issues and building up your stolen treasure as a ruler. Become the King of Thieves in this awesome roleplaying game.

 This game can be played online via various software emulators too. Additionally, some people don’t like to play games on a computer but would instead do so on their TV or tablets. They can connect the emulator with these other devices by installing Kodi or an Android app store called Google Play and allowing the emulator to access your files through these tools to read your data live. Still, you have to make sure that Kodi or Google Play are up to date and installed correctly for this process to work without any issues.

About King of Thieves APK

This is one of the best Strategy applications from other games. It is designed, developed, and Offered By ZeptoLab. It has more than 10,000,000+Million Installs with an average rating of 4.4, and the total number of ratings on this Application on the google play store is 300,000+ if you want to get the mod version of the apk download from

About King of Thieves MOD APK

This is the Modified version of the King of Thieves MOD APK which is not from the original developer. This is the Application where you get unlimited resources free of cost. If you want to install the mod version of the apk download now from and enjoy the mod features.

Game Overview

King of Thieves is a new game by ZeptoLab, the founder of the Cut The Rope game series, King of Thieves is said to be bigger and better than its much-loved predecessor. This game focuses on how players are challenged to make strategic decisions as they fight their way to become the new king of thieves.

King of Thieves is a game that features levels that increase in difficulty the more you advance. It keeps the tradition of classic MMORPG games while keeping them fresh and accessible. The player is placed in the role of a thief with the task of pillaging gold and precious stones from other players’ dungeons to build up their own.

King of Thieves Hack is a gem-matching strategy game developed by ZeptoLab, the creators of Cut the Rope. Players can use gems to craft unique treasures and then trap or plunder those treasure thefts they don’t want from their opponents while designing a deadly maze of traps to stop players who may be tempted to try stealing your treasure. If you’re looking for some fun competition, King of Thieves provides lots of it and plenty of hours of rewarding strategizing to put your tactical skills to the test.


King of Thieves is one of the addicting new games of recent years. It has straightforward gameplay, and true to its name, it’s all about thievery! The game will include many levels of gameplay corresponding to completely different types of thieves, with lots of various handicaps and dungeons. Each one brings new obstacles, requiring unique strategies and tactics to overcome. Simply moving through each level can be a challenge. For example, we might benefit from a bow or make the thief able to run or climb vertical walls.

Players must keep their wits because traps, cannons, and monsters are all waiting to defeat the players! Be careful, and once you enter and play the game, your character will never die! Instead, if you’re not able to kill all the enemies within a certain amount of time or let a monster go off-screen for too long, it’s game over for the player. However, you’ll still have the chance to start from where you failed. Each round gives players treasures full of gold pieces worth points on top of diamond treasure chests, giving players more points as an additional bonus.

When it’s important to remember even a platform game requires hard work. And no, we’re not just talking about making the jumps from one block to the next, but you will also have to protect your treasure from thieves and other villains trying to take what you rightfully own or, in this case, what your customers deserve.

The game will provide low-level traps for you to arrange freely, but there is also a limit so that you cannot cover the entire room with traps. The King of Thieves provides unique gameplay. It offers high connectivity and cute graphics, making it ideal for mobile gamers looking for something to play on their smartphones during extended holiday periods.


King of Thieves is a game where all the players involved in the game world are thieves. That’s right! You must break into your neighbors’ homes and steal their wealth to get rich. However, you need to overcome the pitfalls they set up as obstacles to fulfill your evil goals, and don’t forget that others may try and steal from you.

You will play the role of a thief, expanding a devious mind with many tricks and exceptional skills that others lack. You are also smart enough to learn from your mistakes and decide how to handle future situations much more effectively. Your mission is to break into the safe hidden from other players, steal their valuable items intact, and then make it out of the building unscathed. Of course, with so many strategies at your disposal and other players eager to try and thwart you, there will be traps to avoid.

Pickup The Map To Survive More

The King of Thieves Mod APK offers one of the most unique and immersive gameplay experiences online, combining interactive fantasy roleplay gaming with player vs. player action and combat. In particular, we have found this game to be very strategic. You must plan your moves several turns in advance rather than just relying on quick reactions based on the current situation on the battlefield. The game features both PVP and PvE modes so far and caters to many types of players who enjoy different aspects of an action-packed strategy adventure like this one. There is a lot to explore and learn about, as you will soon find out after playing it for yourselves.

Features of King of Thieves APK

  • More than 20 different enemies await the player, and each one packs a different set of attacks that will bring more significant difficulties to overcome.
  • Advanced AI: Enemies demonstrate their personality in moving around the map and use special abilities that make them a challenge to overcome.
  • Upgrade your weapons.s.
  • One of these 20 weapons should be your default choice. Different brands will have different strengths and weaknesses, so choose a weapon that feels comfortable in your hands to execute your attacks effectively.
  • Game services support Advertisements and many other features.

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Features of King of Thieves Mod APK

Advanced Operating System

As introduced, King of Thieves has a one-touch control mechanism that couldn’t be easier. Accordingly, your character will automatically move, and you can execute his actions with one touch of the screen or space bar.

Obstructions are like gears in a machine, guards to obstruct your way to the neighbor’s treasure. Be careful, though! The slightest mistake could be enough to lose a hero’s life trying to acquire their loot.

Different Challenges

Besides, there are about 80 game levels to play through before entering a lush system. Every game level is locked with the primary lock for players to open. Think of it as an intricate web of waves! For every game level completed, you will progress one story up in the game, unlocking more features and fun for future visits.


King of Thieves offers gorgeous graphics that will grab your attention as you progress through the game, such as when he first opens his eyes in Treasure Heap. Since it’s a fast game by nature, listening to the soundtrack helps guide your mood and focus, especially when things get intense on-screen.

MOD Features

  • Unlimited Money and Gems
  • Free to Download and Install
  • Easy to Play and Use
  • Unlocked All Versions
  • Remove All Ads
  • my talking hank mod apk max level
  • Unlocked Everything
  • No Need to Root Your Devices


  • WiFi and Networks
  • Location: We need this permission to detect your location and provide region-specific content.Vibration Control
  • Microphone
  • Audio: Change Audio Settings
  • Bluetooth

Pros Vs. Cons


  • Free of Cost
  • Safe
  • Offline and Online Mode
  • Millions of Downloads
  • Easy to Play


  • Heavy File Size
  • Hanging
  • Highly Addictive
  • In-App Purchases

King of Thieves MOD APK Unlocked Orbs

Download the latest version of the mod apk from The link is given below.

User’s Reviews

The king of thieves mod menu is fantastic! It’s simple but enjoyable. At first, I didn’t think you could get duplicates in the outfit machine, and I have found 10 or 15 outfits without a copy. This game has such great platforming that every gamer would be overjoyed to play it, but one thing needs to be made clear. For example, if you roll a duplicate in the outfit machine, you need to recognize that you’re not getting anything good, so there should be no reason to make people move a second time! Also, the outfits you pick up are adorable and make your character look like they do on-the-box art, which is a dream come true for me personally. Not only that, but once you buy an item with orbs (the currency), everything resets except that item, allowing you to keep something permanent unless you choose to sell it! My personal favorite is the street punk outfit.

You may be hesitant as to whether or not you want to download this app, but I could potentially go on and on telling you how awesome it is, so we’ll save some time here. The controls are so easy to use, which is excellent! You can play this game both with your finger or a joystick which is pretty cool because of how touchy some games are when using a joystick. It’s one of the best mobile games out there.

The treasure hunt game gets pretty addictive. It can be a little more challenging than other games because, in this game, you can make your dungeon with different traps using gold that you collect while trying to beat the other players’ levels, along with upgrading your character with curative potions and new weapons. I think it gets too hard towards level 20 or maybe even lower because right when I get to that point, it is already almost impossible for me to get past a few classes because it is hard enough beating someone in the same level but try going up against a person who has 50+ levels over you and outfitting yourself with better equipment than them. It is still enjoyable, but maybe add some new events/ challenges?

How to Download King of Thieves MOD APK

  • First of Click on The Given “Download” Button at the Top and Bottom of the Page
  • They Go to the Next Link Link on the given Link
  • Download King of Thieves MOD APK from the given Link
  • King of Thieves MOD APK download and store successfully on your device.

How to Install King of Thieves MOD APK

  • If you have a King of Thieves MOD APK old version, uninstall the old one and then install the King of Thieves MOD APK latest version.
  • When the mod apk game downloading is complete, Open the setting Tab on your Phone.
  • Go to phone Settings >>> Security Tab >>> Go to Unknown resources >>> Check it and turn it on. Also, you can turn it off to protect it from other resources.
  • You must ensure that your device or mobile has enough space to install the game.
  • Click on the Install Button and wait for a second for installation.
  • Now, mod apk is installed successfully on your device.
  • Open the file and Enjoy the Unlimited Resources.

Requirements for King of Thieves MOD APK

King of Thieves For Android

  • Minimum Require Android 4.4 or up version
  • At least 4GB Ram Require for Installation on Android Devices
  • Require a Good Internet Connection

King of Thieves For PC

  • Download the APK from our website.
  • Download the Emulator Called “Bluestack” on Your Device and Install it.
  • After installing the Emulator on Your Device or PC, open the Application.
  • Open the APK in the Emulator, Start the Game, and Enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Is King of Thieves mod apk safe to play?

Yes, you can play the free version safe and buy the premium version, which is also safe. But the modded apk is not 100% secure because it is made by someone else who is not from the original developer of the apk, so I suggest that you go for the premium and buy some amount and then freely use it. Still, if you want to get from, you get the safe mod apk, and you can play and enjoy.

Can we USE King of Thieves mod without an internet connection?

Yes, the mod apk requires a Good Internet Connection of 3G and 4G networks. However, you can play the game easily without any internet connection if you have a good internet connection.

How to get King of Thieves mod apk unlimited money?

In the original version of the Application, you will pass the mission. Still, in the modded version, you will not need to play furthermore because everything is unlocked, and you can quickly achieve success.

Is the King of Thieves apk mod is free to Download?

Yes, the mod version of the apk is 100% free, and you can download it without any issues.

Is apk offline or online?

This apk is online, and you need to connect with the network to get a good result.

Will the personal data remain safe?

Yes, the company does not share your personal information with a third party or another platform. However, you can easily manage your data in the Application because your data are 100% safe.

What's new

Here are the version notes: - Added six new trap costumes. - An option to permanently remove the ads for Star Master by purchasing the No Ads Pass. - Prepared the activities for the 7th anniversary. Stay tuned to our social media for the details. - Bugfixes and improved the stability of the game. Good luck in the dungeons, thieves!



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