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Guys Limbo APK is a Adventure video game developed by Playdead. A slight modification has been made on the word “Limbo” and it is not the same as the previous sentence. It was published for Xbox Live Arcade and has since been ported to several other platforms and devices, and it is available for both Android and iPhone for free.

Limbo is a 2D side-scroller, incorporating a physics system that governs environmental objects and the player character. The player guides an unnamed boy through dangerous environments and traps as he searches for his sister. The developer built the game’s puzzles expecting the player to fail before finding the correct solution. Playdead called the style of play “trial and death”, and used gruesome imagery for the boy’s deaths to steer the player from unworkable solutions.

Additional Information

App PriceFree
System RequiredAndroid
Update3 Days Ago


This is one of the best applications from other games. It was designed, developed, and offered by Playdead. It has more than 1,000,000+ Installs with an average rating of 4.5, and the total number of ratings on this application on the google play store is 70,000+. If you want to get the mod version of the apk, download it from


This is the Modified version of the LIMBO, not from the original developer. This is the application where you get unlimited resources free of cost. So, for example, if you want to install the mod version of the apk, download it now from and enjoy the mod features.

Application Overview

If a game requires you to solve clues and riddles, it’s called an adventure game. In this category of games, there is one called Limbo. This is a dark-themed game, but it is not scary. Instead, it encourages the “one more try” mentality among gamers, as much of its difficulty comes from becoming familiar with the world’s layouts and understanding the physics at play when attempting to complete a level. The dark environment around your character gives more depth to the overall atmosphere of this game, making it an enjoyable playing experience for everyone. It can be played by anyone who enjoys solving puzzles and mysteries.


This game is easy and inexpensive to get into. The controls are intuitive, so you can dive right in without thinking about them. You’ll start your adventure in a dark, abandoned building, and you’ll be solving puzzles as you go, checking back on previous rooms carefully so that you don’t miss any vital clues.

Different Adventures and Puzzle

If you love playing adventure games that are full of exciting puzzles, then you should play this game. It features a chain of different stages, and in every single one, there is an assortment of different puzzles to solve and mysteries to unravel. Solve these challenges and complete your location to achieve amazing rewards, which will help you along the way. Also, in this game, you must rescue the boy’s little sister by completing missions and tasks.

Graphics and Sounds

The game supports two primary colors in a monochromatic design which helps players get a feel for the game. The 2D environment has 2 distinct paths where one can jump over tiles or walk around them to reach the goal. For newer players, buttons and instructions are conveniently placed to allow you to quickly access each level’s start and other features like playing sound effects or resetting levels at will.

The audio of the game is a bit bland. You can only hear big, heavy footsteps, and there are no background noises, and you occasionally hear screams of rain and crickets in the distance that sound like they’re blowing through broken speakers. This puts you in a negative mood since it makes the game lack an artistic touch while also making it feel cheap because these sounds make it seem like you’re playing a game with a lower budget than expected.

Explore Light Source

There are many things people don’t know about jumping into cold water. Unfortunately, many people have gone in but never come back out. They were told repeatedly that they should fear its scariest depths, while others were told how magnificent it could be once they let themselves dive right in. YOU must decide what you can handle or not, as, before long, it will come up to you and either pull you under or allow you to breathe in deeply. There is no other way around it, mainly when your life depends on how well you swim through these dark waters.

LIMBO is a puzzle-solving adventure game. Players delve into the content of their journey, which begins with a black-and-white scene that opens an endless death. Despite heavy breathing and footsteps echoing from all directions, the boy’s figure searches stubbornly for a solution to his fear in the dark land of his nightmares.

Overcome Hurdles

This game is going to make you experience a lot of ups and downs. You will love it no matter what, and people rooting for you will think everything you do is just grand. Everyone loves playing this game because they will follow your lead; they will participate in everything as only true fans would do, demonstrating how much they appreciate someone who is going through all the hardships with them. Winning isn’t essential just on the field but in other aspects of our lives. You can’t expect to win each battle you encounter in your life, but if you commit yourself, you can conquer those hurdles. This game has many challenges, and everything must go smoothly when things don’t go your way.


Unique Gameplay

Scary videogames are becoming increasingly popular among players all over the world, but developers are taking note of the fact that this is a niche market. Playdead didn’t want to compromise though, and took an interesting chance by developing LIMBO. In the game you get to experience how it’s like to be part of amazing adventures in both puzzles games and horror/escape ones which are even more exciting because none other than Playdead has done anything quite like it!

  • Graphics
  • Puzzle
  • Controls
  • Offline

How to Download Limbo mod APK

  • First of Click on The Given “Download” Button at the Top and Bottom of the Page
  • They Go to the Next Link Link on the given Link
  • limbo apk download from the given Link
  • limbo download and store successfully on your device.

How to Install Limbo mod APK

  • If you have a limbo apk old version, uninstall the Limbo mod APK old version and then install the limbo mod apk latest version.
  • When the APK downloading is complete, Open the setting Tab on your phone.
  • Go to phone Settings >>> Security Tab >>> Go to Unknown resources >>> Check it and turn it on. Also, you can turn it off to protect it from other resources.
  • You must make sure that your device or mobile has enough space to install the game.
  • Click on the Install Button and wait for a second for installation.
  • Now, mod apk is installed successfully on your device.
  • Open the file and Enjoy the Unlimited Resources.



  • Minimum Require Andriod 4.4 or up version
  • At least 4GB Ram
  • Good Internet Connection

Frequently Asked Questions

Is limbo mod apk safe to play?

Yes, you can play the free version safe and buy the premium version, which is also safe. But the modded apk is not 100% secure because it is made by someone else who is not from the original developer of the apk, so I suggest that you go for the premium and buy some amount and then freely use it. Still, if you want to get from, you get the safe mod apk, and you can play and enjoy.

Is limbo game for free?

Yes, the mod version of the apk is 100% free, and you can download it without any hesitation.

Is limbo apk mod offline or online?

This apk is online, and you need to connect with the network to get a good result.

Will the personal data remain safe in apk?

Yes, According to the limbo game, they do not share your personal information with a third party or any other platform, so you can easily manage your data in the application because your personal information and data are 100% safe.



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