Paramon APK + MOD [Unlocked]

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Oct 19, 2022
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Paramon APK is a multiplayer CCG game that pits monsters against each other in fast-paced combat. Train your monsters to become the ultimate champions, and battle them against other players online. With various cards to collect and strategies to master, Paramon is the perfect game for any CCG fan.

In this game, you play as a newbie trainer who is on a journey to become the greatest monster trainer.

Create your ultimate team of amazing monsters and embark on a dangerous but exciting journey.

What is Paramon APK? 

Paramon is one of the best adventure games where you can make powerful Monsters build your homeland and fight against enemies. You can enhance and upgrade your paramount creatures to reach their final and most complex forms in the game. In the game, you can also find other players and invite players for different challenging ornaments. You can play against them by applying and following different states he is to get more victories. 

Wonderful 3D graphics 

The application comes with studying the graphics and animations and the surrounding of the game. Amazing music and sound effects for you can enjoy that gameplay. All the spirits are quoted, and the user Can attract and like the graphics and animations, and you can also enjoy the music and background. 

Play with friends 

In the game, you can invite your friends and family by sending an invite link to the gameplay. You can also play that game solo and make a friend and play against others for big victories. 

Free to play 

The free version of APK is free to try, and also you can play the mod and premium versions because Pro margin is free of cost, so you can play the game and enjoy the premium features without any cost download now the Mod version and enjoy. 

Hundred of Monsters 

In the game, more than hundreds of Monsters are waiting to be captured. You can choose among them and make your homeland Kingdom bigger. 

Customize your characters 

In the game, you can create and customize your characters by designing yourself by applying different colors to different costumes for tournaments. You can specially customize yourself for other occasions, so choose the correct us and make yourself better. Also, if you download the Mod version from our website, there are a lot of premium characters with different effects unlocked for you, and you can also use it to customize yourself.


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Key Features 

  • Realistic sound effects and music are available in the application. 
  • There is a customizable design available in the application. 
  • Different daily events and contests to awesome rewards. 
  • You can boss fight daily to win things like sensor pet etc. 


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